Slimfast Diet

By: John Petrach

What do you "get" with the Slimfast Plan?

You get a flexible plan that will allow you to lose the weight you want by a set deadline.

What are the Facts?

People participating in the diet are only allowed one cooked meal a day, which would make it difficult to follow for a long time, in addition, eating only Slimfast products can get old to a diet follower after a long amount of time, making it difficult.

What can you eat and what is forbidden or limited?

You are only allowed one cooked meal a day, and you must consume only Slimfast products besides that meal.

Are you getting all of the nutrients you need?

Slimfast has smaller portions and does not meet the carbohydrates required per day but besides that meets the nutrients required every day.

Its not as easy as it looks.

People might not expect to have to almost solely consume Slimfast products and might expect to lose weight faster, when Slimfast typically loses 1 to 2 pounds a week. Its harder than it seems.

Are there risks or health probems in the long term?

Through research no serious health risks or issues have been surfaced.

Final bits of information

The Slimfast plan is strict to allow only one meal a day that is not Slimfast, making even snacks required to be Slimfast brand. It will work though and is healthy for you in the long term.