Food Inc.

The Food Corporation


Food is a major part of economy. Only a few companies involved.


Companies work with farmers. Companies abuse lawyers to get their way.


Companies have all farmers in their debt by misusing government. Misuses the judges to win lawsuits.


Growing mutated food. They are causing diseases by feeding cows corn. Mix up all different cows meats.

Relation to economics

The food companies have major control over the economy. Only few so each company have much more.


The movie is biased towards the companies being corrupt. They think the companies are very bad and not making proper food.


This movie is about the food industry and how they make the food. You see the modern farms and farmers and how the companies control them. You also see how they control smaller companies and farmers that are not a part of them.

My opinion

I thought this movie was very informative and I learned a lot from it. I learned just where my food actually comes from. I wonder how much these companies make exactly a year. I liked the movie and agreed with the narrator. It was very intriguing and I did not do further research after seeing it.


I give this movie 4/5 hamburgers


"There are no seasons in the American supermarket. Now there are tomatoes all year round, grown halfway around the world, picked when it was green, and ripened with ethylene gas. Although it looks like a tomato, it's kind of a notional tomato. I mean, it's the idea of a tomato." -Michael Pollan

This quote shows how they are producing food, but not naturally and says how they are.


What first cause the food industry to go down this path?

When will we decide to change how are food is made?

Info about movie

Director: Robert Kenner

Producer: Elise Pearlstein and Robert Kenner

Production company: Robert Kenner Films

Distribution Company: Magnolia Pictures

Locations Filmed: North Carolina, Nebraska, Kentucky, Washington

Year: 2008