Middle West Region

Madalyn Johnson

states of the Mid West

Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan,Wisconsin,Iowa,Missouri,Kansas,Nebraska,South Dakota,North Dakota,


Some land forms in the Mid West are lakes,montains,valleys,and rivers. The graet lakes are lake ontara, lake erie,lake superer make up the Great lakes. lake sperur is located by the states of Minnesota,Wisconson and Michigan. Lake Micigan borders Michigan,Wisconson and llinis. lake Huron is located by Michigan and Ohio. The rivers consest of the Missoui river located in missoui.. The mississippi river is located in st. louis. Alsothe Ohio river located in Ohio those are some of the land marks in the Mid West.


The Mid West weather is very interesting. It´s very warm in the summer and snowy and cold during the winter. they do have seasons spring, summer,fall and winter. Finally the weather in the Mid West is very cool no pun attended.


The Mid west is know for the farming. They grow corn,plums,west,blueberry,soy beans,strawberry,apple,cherry,peaches, and grapes,. They also raises animals such as cattle,pigs,chickens. those are the important farming animals and crops.


Busnasises are inportant in the Mid West they make inportant evreyday items . Did you know that your cerel comes from weat. Ather things made from weat are bread,pasta and flour.The Mid West is also know for foesttree your bakyard trees make paper and furater. Finally the dairy, dariy makes cheese and ice creem the milk comes from cows to make those dairy items.


Mining is very important in the Mid West. ther mining is none for iern ore they use the ore to make stel and stels make cars.They also mine for coper is used for pennys and eletreec wier. They also mine for ureaneum and led led is used to make pencels. Limestone is used for coner tops and funnercher. As you can see the Mid West mines are full of inportated things.