About me

Caylee McClain

Grade 12

Favorite kinda music is country

My Favorite TV show I don't have one

My favorite food is chicken wing pizza :)

10 facts about me

1. I have two jobs

2.I have a son named Bentley

3.I like skateboarding

4. I like hanging out with friends

5. I have five brothers and two sisters

6. I am not a morning person

7. im somtimes late to school

8.I like to go hunting

9. I like chevy trucks

10. I like snowmobiling and riding four wheeling

my strengths

My strengths as a learner are keeping on top of my work and asking for help

and keeping on top of things.


My weaknesses are reading in class and standing in front of the class and essays.

My goals

My goals for the rest of the year is to stay on top of my work, get good grades, do well on my work and that i graduate.