Third Grade Look Aheads

Week of September 19-23, 2016

We have a great week ahead!

Third Grade Book Buddies

  • Please make sure you have contacted your book buddy. I know most of you met your Book Buddy after their welcome session a couple of weeks ago.
  • Email me ASAP and let me know the following about your book buddy:

Who is your class book buddy?

What day and what time do they come to your class?

Who is the student(s) they work with?

Where do they go with the student when they come?

Michelle is requesting this info from you.

Please make sure to welcome them to your class and stay in communication with them.

Monday, September 19

Interims are due to Michelle.

8:00 a.m. The Rotary Club will bring all third grade students dictionaries to use and have as their own. Have students go ahead and write their names in them. A thank you note written to Rotary Club would be a great authentic writing activity. If your class does this, just put them in my box.

Faculty Meeting After School in Media Center

RtI Process

Special Ed PLC after meeting for Cusati and Brezinski

Bring your placement tests books for CMC, CR, and RMS. We will look at how to give students placement tests in these areas.

Tuesday, September 20

PLC Reading Documents

Bring your laptop so you can pull up the reading documents in HCS Moodle. We'll do the Kagan Structure of Fan and Pick to see how well we know how to use these documents!

Wednesday, September 21

New teachers after school in my room

I'll answer any questions you may have. Our focus will be the red band (Reading and Responding). We will look at the SCCCR standards to use when you teach this band.

Thursday, September 22

PLC Terra Bodkins will be here in the Carolina Room.

Bring your laptop or iPad.

From Terra:

Please have teachers bring whatever device they feel comfortable with to access websites, Google Drive, Docs, Forms, and Slides. Please ask teachers to download any apps that they need prior to the session and come with their device charged and updated.

You can access the agenda for the day below.

This is the day to ask technology questions or request for her to teach you how to use a certain app or program. She's great to work with!

Special Ed PLC from 11:00-2:15

Cusati, Brezinski, Wentz, and Ballard will meet in my room for staff development.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

11:00-12:45 Getting ready for Lexia, viewing second grade info in mclass

12:45-2:15 Imagine It Preteach/Reteach and Modified EDM with RIT.

Darenda Rabon will be our instructor for this time. Please bring your Imagine It Intervention Guide (borrow one from one of your teachers if you do not have one), your EDM Teacher's Edition, and your laptop.

Coaches Webinar

I have a webinar with Dottie Brown from 2:30 to 3:30. If you need me after this time, just let me know.

Friday, September 23

I am loving our Friday practice sessions! Some of you have been seeing me for assistance on Fridays to practice for the next week's lessons. All are welcome to join. Just drop in my room and see if I am working with someone! If not, I'll work with you!

See me if you need to practice with any instruction or technology!


September 19-A team of our new teachers will be observing and working with me all day. As we are observing, we may walk through some third grade class as time permits to get a visual on HCS expectations. We'll just stay a few minutes and take a look at what is going on!

September 19- Interims are due to Michelle.

September 23-Interims are issued to parents. I always make a copy for myself of all the interims for those students that lose them. Hopefully this won't happen! You will have a letter to send home to parents about grades in third grade. It will be placed in your box.

September 26-A data day has been scheduled. A schedule is forthcoming so you will know who will attend. The plan for the day includes: calculating percentiles, creating winter and spring student goals, putting together student data notebooks,

completing reading and math data Google Docs.

September 29-Paula Mullis will be at MBE for the day

October 7-Science Kit Pick Up:

BE READY FOR Kit Pickup: ​All kits should be inventoried, collected, and waiting in the pickup area ​ by the end of the day on the kit pickup date listed above.

****Kit pickup will begin on the MONDAY following the listed pickup date. Your school may be the first scheduled pickup for the following Monday morning at 8:00. As such, all kits MUST be ready for pickup and in the collection pickup location at the end of the day on the pickup date listed above.

If a kit is not ready and waiting for pickup, teachers are responsible for returning the kit to the science center within 48 hours to prevent delays to the next school on the kit rotation schedule.

No Kit for Changes in Matter Instruction

October 9-Animal Pick Up

Animal Pickup:​ ​All live materials should be packaged in the original shipping container and collected in the front office prior to 8:00 a.m. on the morning of pickup dated noted on the science kit schedule. ​

● The pickup service is contracted and provided through an independent company, not through the HCS Science Center.

● If animals are not ready for pickup, teachers are responsible for properly disposing of all live materials. Directions for disposal are located in the teacher manual.

October-10-14 Science Benchmark in Computer Labs

October17-21 Social Studies Benchmark in Computer Labs

October 21-Achieve 3000 consultant visit. She will meet with us in the Carolina Room and model how to use the Stretch Article in Achieve 3000. Make sure to ask any questions you may have at the time!

Kagan Structures

As you are using Kagan Structures in your class, let me know so I can stop by and take pictures for our Kagan Wall in the Carolina Room. If I miss the structures, email me a picture!

Cursive Handwriting

All third grade students should write their name in cursive on every paper each day.

Why is this so important?

The elementary schools have promised the parents that all students will leave knowing how to sign their name in cursive.


October 17-21

Only GT students will complete a DBQ this time during ELA. Please make sure to send your students on time. It's really a push to get completed in 5 days. Thanks!

Questions you asked for Michelle and Kristie

Great questions! I love how you are always thinking ahead!

  • Michelle and Kristie will look at data this week to see if students need to be placed in an intervention group.
  • Michelle and Kristie are in the process of hiring a part-time interventionist. This teacher will pull students for reading. Some of you asked about math intervention but at this time there will be no math intervention.

Brain Breaks

Please make sure to give your students a brain break each day. We are supposed to give students 10 extra minutes of physical activity each day. You can do this with a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the afternoon to total ten minutes,

Great Resources to Use! Go Noodle (See me if you are not familiar with this!) and Silly Sports and Goofy Games book.

*****Please make sure that this is written in your lesson plans so we have the extra physical activity documented.****

LEXIA for Students Reading Below Lexile 150

I am working on getting our students on Lexia for reading. Please check your email/deleted email and retrieve your Lexia username and password. You will need this to access your Lexia account for students on Lexia. I will start training ESOL teachers and Special Ed teachers soon. I really want to have this up and running for you as Compass ceases on 9/30.