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The 28th of August 2013 Ashleigh Hipwell

Ned Kelly DEAD!

Glenrowan is a safe place now that Ned Kelly is out of the picture. Yesterday, November 11th 1880, Edward 'Ned' Kelly was hung at about 9:30am at Old Melbourne Goal. It was recorded that he said "Ah well, I guess it has to come to this" as the rope was being tied around his neck.

He was first arrested at the age of 14 for stealing money from a Chinese man and it just continued from there.

In 1788 Ellen Quinn (Ned's Mother) shot Constable Alexander Fitzpatrick in the wrist after sexually assaulting Kate Kelly (Ned's Sister). Constable Alexander Fitzpatrick then went back and wrote a false statement and got Ellen arrested, she was then sentenced three years behind bars. Ned was so furious that he wrote a letter threatening the government for the release of his mother. After writing the letter Ned and Dan Kelly (Ned's Brother) made a hide out at Stringybark Creek and started a shoot out with police, three police officers were shot and killed.

Joe Byrne, Steve Hart, Dan Kelly and Ned Kelly form a gang called 'The Kelly Gang'

A month later they committed robberies to The National Bank branches at Euroa and Jerilderie.

On June 26th 1880 they shot and killed Aaron Sheritt, a friend who turned into a police informer.

The Kelly Gang then took over The Glenrowan Inn and held over 60 people hostage. They became aware that a train full of police officers would be coming to Glenrowan to take up a pursuit, which led them to derailing the tracks, failing because one of their hostages escaped and alerted authorities.

On June 28th 1880 a shoot out began between police and The Kelly Gang which killed Joe, Steve and Dan but left Ned seriously injured.

Ned was arrested and taken to Old Melbourne Goal. He was convicted guilty and sentenced to death.

He was 25 years of age.