Maryvale Libraries

Supporting Readers and the Common Core

September Circulation

Maryvale Libraries have been busy places since the first day of school. Our goal is to match students and teachers with books that meet their educational and personal interests and needs. During the first month of school the Primary checked out 3,054 items, the Intermediate/Middle School circulated 5,419 items, and the High School checked out 1,632.

September Library Events

Here's a quick recap of September Library Happenings

The High School has:
  • Held 9th grade Library Orientation
  • Applied the Bookmatch method of book selection to match students with appropriate books
  • Instructed 9th grade Global students in the use of print, online newspapers and databases to find articles for their current events project
  • Introduced the SIRS Issues Database to Participation in Government students as they begin researching the public policy project
  • Instructed 12th graders in the use of NoodleTools for their PIG assignment
  • Instructed Spanish 2 students in the use of Worldbook online and the Culturegrams Database for their country research. Students were also instructed how to evaluate websites to determine the reliability and quality of information they provided
  • Instructed NuStep English classes how to effectively search multiple databases and use the Advanced Search option to narrow their results for a for a writing assignment
  • Worked with social studies teachers to procure books for the second semester NuStep class
  • Placed book orders based on student and teacher recommendations

The Middle School:

  • Has worked with ELA teachers to add materials to the Library to support Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Held a successful Scholastic Book Fair which earned $400 in new books, as well as $600 in cash profit to fund future author visits, and provided book award incentives for summer reading to all ELA classes
  • Worked with staff members and the PTO to create an Author Visit Day with Sneed Collard III full of reading and writing activities which were enjoyed by the entire student body

The Intermediate School:

  • Provided library orientation for all Intermediate classes
  • Implemented 5 minute "mini-lessons" as part of Grades 3, 4, and 5 book selection times to increase awareness of library skills and materials
  • Introduced the TumbleBooks ebook database to students and teachers
  • Added materials to support the Reader's Workshop curriculum

The Primary School:

  • Relocated and enlarged the Leveled Book Room
  • Provided training to teachers in the use of Destiny Quest to support book circulation of the leveled books from the new location
  • Laminated many classroom materials to support teachers' instructional programs
  • Scheduled this year's CSLO technology workshops
  • Is planning this year's Reading Program with the theme of "Reading is our of this World." The Space theme also connects to the new recycling program.

Maryvale Librarians are Involved!

Kristin is a member of the Primary School Reading, SIT, and Technology Committees and a member of MORE.
Joanne is a member of the Middle School Literacy, Technology, Social, and Culture Committees, as well as a supporter of the Student Council Green and Video Announcement Committees. She is a member of the Intermediate School Reading Committee.
Ave is a member of the High School SIT, Scheduling Sub-Committee, and Technology Committees and a member of the HS Assistant Principal Selection Committee.