Eco Friendly Utility Room

Service area that has the heating and air conditioning.

Eco Friendly Heating System

Beyond the traditional heating methods of electricity, gas, and oil, there are some alternatives that can be used to heat your home that is more environmentally friendly. One solution is geothermal heat, which sends the natural heat from the Earth into your home. Pipes filled with coolant run through the ground outside your home, absorbing the warmth of the Earth. Then, the warm coolant is pumped into your home through a network of pipes that radiate heat.

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Solar Powered Air Conditioning

Ac units packed with solar panels help reduce energy bills without the commitment of extensive rooftop solar panels, which have a daunting price tag. Also, additional solar panels can usually be added to units, opening up the possibility for further energy savings.

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Eco Friendly Mini Fridge

No freezer at all could be a good option for the ultimate eco-friendly mini fridge. Freezers use much more energy than standard refrigeration and, unless you run a frozen yogurt company, there’s probably not a lot of need for a freezer in your garage. Also, by opting for a freezer-less full-size refrigerator, you not only use less energy but gain more space in your garage.

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