Mining and Mineral engineer


In order to get into West Virginia University to get a mining degree you need a masters to get a good job. In this school you need to get a 3.2 grade point average to get in. The average ATC score is between 20 and 23 and the SAT score is 960-1099.

Biology is the study of living things and is part of natural science.

About the job

Mineral engineer is a good job that requires a bachelor's degree. This job is hard to get into in Wisconsin because we only have two. And in the nation we have several more but it would be hard moving. In this job you would be working with flammable gas so no smoking but that's a good thing. I chose this science job because you get to work in our side in a plant and its a hard working job.

This job would be vary hard to find in WI but Easter in different states. This is because there are only a couple of mines in Wisconsin.

The typical salary is from 48,000 to 130,000 dollars a year.

The place that is closest to hear is in Oshkosh. The business name is solid waste and gas recovery.

I would want this job because you need to work hard. Also there would be no smoking because of flammable material. Also you would be in a mine or a oil rig. By the way you would be getting out of the house and most likely not work in an office.

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