Black Suit For Men

black suits for men

The Timeless Attraction of a Black Suit

While some people take into account black suits for men as depressing and fit to be used solely to attend funerals in, there may be another aspect to the story. Black suits exude sleekness, professionalism and boldness and suit formal events to the ‘T’ - regardless of whether you’re attending an enterprise assembly or a black tie event.

The colour black appears to be like very sharp and as such, a black suit appears best when combined with a crisply ironed white business shirt. A black and white mixture like this makes it exceedingly simple to select a tie. When you wear a black tie, it augments the boldness of the ensemble; if you select a patterned tie, it lightens up your look. The most effective colours for ties that ensure a traditional look with a black suit and a white shirt are gold, navy blue and red. A black belt and a black pair of footwear full the outfit.

Three simple ways to get the best out of your black suit are:

• On the workplace: The key lies in guaranteeing consistency while not creating an impact that distracts from the classic look of the black suit. Hence, a grey shirt with a darker, charcoal tie; a pink shirt with a purple striped tie or blue shirts with a black tie are perfectly acceptable.

• At a black tie occasion: wear the black suit with a white tuxedo shirt and a crisp bow tie. It will be helpful whenever you need an outfit in a rush and can't purchase a tuxedo for the occasion.

• On casual occasions: Pair the black suit with a white V-neck t-shirt or a vibrant polo shirt. The sober colour of the suit can balance the loudest of colours.

Black is a flexible colour and hence it can be worn all of the year round. Woollen and tweed black suits are good to be used in the winters, whereas cotton is the very best material for summers. For Men who want to be traditional and fashionable without going over the top, a black suit is ideal.