BY: Kenny Iuso

Oil and Boom Towns

  • First big discovery was in El Dorado small southern town
  • unfortunately most was wasted or lost , no one knew how to capture or store oil .
  • El Dorado quiclly became home of 30,000 residents and 59 oil companies
  • At end of decade the oil boom died

Flood of 1927

  • The food of 1927 was devastating to Arkansans,life, animals , and property's
  • Covered over 50 miles of land inland of Mississippi , up to 30 feet deep
  • Arkansas had a total of 50 million dollars of lose that year

KKK in Arkansas

  • KKK was head quartered in Harrison Arkansas
  • over 50,000 members had strong branch of women
  • also sundown towns they would have only white citizens kill or run out any black residents

The New Deal

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt came up with idea to create specific agencies programs to feed those without food provided work of jobless and build a healthy economy
  • brought hope to people in Arkansas
  • Government bought 16000 acres and called it Dyes colony
  • each family was given farm equipment home mule cow and groceries expected to pay back when crops sold