The First Gaming Console

3. Who own the patents?

Jed Margolin owns the patent and Nolan Kay Bushnell founded the Atari (June 28, 1978)

Some games....

1. blip foot ball

2. space battle

3. sticky notes

4. toy shop trouble

5. phantom 2

6. galaga

7. Tetris

8. Pac-man!

9. Asteroids

10. centipede

(pac man and tetris were one of the most popular games on the atari ever!!)

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4. The Atari then and today is used to play retro video games and is currently 780 dollars! (in 1977 it was worth about 200!)


5. The Atari was upgraded to 8-bit in 1979 and then it was upgraded to a computer.
6. it qualifies as a information and communication type of technology!

Pros! and Cons!

7/8. people were really entertained by the magic of the games but also submitted to the addictive-ness of the games themselves

9. Ex ] Science ] Math ] Technology ] Engineering

Atari ] distribution of electricity and conductivity ] Coding and configuration ] 8 bit format and frame rates ] placement of parts and controller hook up

10. The complicated controls and controller!!!

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Fun Facts

1. Bushnell and his neighbor, joe keenan secretly created a second company that would compete against Atari , selling slightly modified Atari Games to other distributors. they called it Kee Games.

2. in a million dollar deal Atari contacted Microsoft to port the BASIC programming language to the Atari 800