The Scare

hearts pounding
feet aching
eyes searching
the man was following
into the park
through the alley
past the corner
towards your house
inside the store


Pouncing on the couch
you hit your tail to my face, ouch!
pushing down your paws on me
stop your hurting me!
sitting on my belly
while I watch the Telly
purring while I pet
your mouth has become wet
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My friend, my mother, listens to me
caring what I do
hearing what I say
wishing for me to succeed
hoping for me every need
loving me with all her might
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Jasmin and Alex

When you were gone

Grammar class was lonely

to watch for the clock

to draw in my notebook

to sleep on my desk

to listen without paying attention

These were all things I did when you were gone.


When we were little

I felt so small

you were the figure

and I was the shadow

hanging on your every move

idolizing your every step

hoping you cared for me

wishing for your respect

I thought you hung the moon

my only dream was to be you.

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Dear Jacque,

We have know each other for our whole lives. You are my best friend and always will be because we have some many weird stories about our family that we can share. It was Grandma's birthday party, who was turning 80, a lot happened that day. I remember Joey-- the weirdo-- did some interesting things. I remember everything that happened: the good things, the bad things, and the things Joey did.

Joey, picking the flowers, stealing them from the church. Hiding in the closet, not wanting to leave.Eating the chocolate that was not for us. I remember us chanting Joey's name over and over again on the loudspeaker, face confused the entire time. I remember that we had fun that day even though we were in Iowa.

I am going to miss you when I leave. I hope that we can still talk to each other as much as we do now; I hope that we will see each other often. I hope that we will still remain as close as we are now. I am missing you already, while I write this letter. Jacque, I hope we both do well in college, and I hope that we both experience everything that we want when we are there. Good luck

Love Erika,

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