Boycott KFC

Unfair animal treatment!

What are we boycotting?

We are boycotting KFC, a household name for fried chicken. Each year, millions of people purchase chicken at KFC, most of them not thinking about where the chicken comes from, which is an issue everywhere, not just at KFC. Most people have a huge disconnect from where their food comes from, whether it be at the store, or at a fast food restaurant such as KFC. It tastes good, so thats all they care about. It might taste "finger lickin' good" but in truth, there is so much more behind all of it, the part that KFC which much rather you not know.

Why should you boycott KFC?

So, what if you like KFC? Why in the world should you boycott them? Well, take a look at the facts. Animal rights activists have attempted to expose the wrongdoing at KFC suppliers, which they've done a pretty good job of. The cases of animal cruelty found are among the worst. Although these activists have attempted to get KFC to change its ways, they haven't bothered to listen. KFC's chicken suppliers put the chicken through hell, with overcrowding making them grow faster, to the point where they can't even walk. Then they put them through hell during the slaughter process, putting them through scalding hot water, while some are still alive since the process of killing them doesn't always work. Oh, and before all of that they cut the beaks off of the chickens, which is very painful for them. And when they are caught they are thrown around, breaking bones and so on. There have even been cases where the chickens were thrown at walls, stomped on, which is a terrible way to kill something. According to the New York Times, in 2004 when that video of the chickens being stomped on came out, a supervisor came across them. Apparently when he got past them, the workers who were throwing the birds at the wall and stomping on them were told to continue [throwing them at the wall.] This doesn't sound like someone that cares about animal cruelty Then, the next day they were told to start killing them properly, since an inspector was supposed to arrive soon.

Who am I?

I work with PETA, which is an animal rights group. The above paragraph should be pretty convincing, enough to convince you to boycott KFC. The biggest reason to boycott KFC are the animal rights issues. A bucket of chicken at KFC is a lot more than just a bucket of chicken. Its a bucket of cruelty, something that is far from right. You wouldn't treat a person that way would you? Would you? I don't think so, unless you're very, very sick. I think the reasons mentioned above should be convincing enough to persuade you to boycott KFC. You wouldn't want to eat tortured animals now, would you? So, how can you help? Stop going to KFC first of all, don't support them financially at all. Second of all, make sure that your voice is heard. Make sure they know you don't stand for animal cruelty. If we all get together, and say no to animal cruelty at KFC, they will be forced to listen. If they don't, they could easily loose business.