The Legislative Branch

By: Kimberly Grace, Liv, Lucy and Camille

Main Responsibility

The Legislative Branch makes laws. Another word for the Legislative Branch is Congress. The Senate has to approve or reject the choices that the president wants to fill key jobs. They also have to approve choices for the presidents ambassadors. They also have to approve the presidents choices for federal judges. Lastly they have to approve the members of the presidents cabinet. Both houses have to give approval before the United States of America declares war on any other countries.


  • Senators get paid $168,411 a year.
  • A Senator's term lasts 6 years.
  • A Senator has to be at least 30 years in age.
  • They get elected to a two year term.
  • The Senate is made up of 100 people- 2 from each state.

House of Representatives

  • They get elected to a two year term.
  • They get paid $174,00 a year.
  • They have to be 25 years of age to be in the house.
  • They have to be a U.S. citizen for at least 7 years.
  • The House is made up of 435 people.

Did YOU KNOW?...

1. The Legislative Branch can override the veto's the president makes.

2.Today, there is one representative per several hundred thousand people. California has the most representatives, a total of 53.

3.The House is larger than the Senate.

4. The Legislative Branch is made up of mostly Republicans.

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