AM National Newsletter

#38 | Week 2 | May 2016

What will you do this Summer?

Sarah Wong from AIESEC in UNMC

We say that we like being in AIESEC because we can really note how much we are growing as leaders and how much this organization contributes to our self-development.

We do operations and we sell life-changing experiences - but how many of us have really taken the challenge on for ourselves? What is the excuse that you give to yourself not to go on Exchange as soon as possible? Roles can be delegated, fees are cut by 50% for AIESEC members, time can be managed during the summer - so is the obstacle really big enough?

It's time for us to go on Exchange, to experience this unique oppotunity that we have as AIESECers and prove that we are leaders inside and outside of the organization - just listen to Sarah's sharing about her Exchange experience!

YouthSpeak Forum KL is Coming!

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The combined efforts of AIESEC in Sunway, TU and UKM are intensifying as we quickly approach the date of the first ever regional YouthSpeak Forum in Kuala Lumpur! These central region LCs have been hard at work to be able to provide you with this unique opportunity to let your voice be heard in a platform shared by speakers and students alike! The event will take place on the 28th of May at 9 AM and will be tentatively held in Monash University (stay updated for any changes on the venue) - don't forget to bring your friends and get your tickets now by clicking the button below!

Create your Own Lifepath!

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Our learning partner Leadapreneur, who ran a special session for the MC during their team day last month, is running an Open Lifepath Workshop on the 21st of May! In this workshop you get to create your own Leadapreneur Lifepath - an innovative tool that enables young & ambitious students & graduates to decide what they want to do & why - so do not miss this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity and register today at!

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AIESEC Airlines & Save Malaysia Intensify!

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As UNMC comes very close to purchasing their third place aboard the Summer Peak flight, finally we have two other LCs joining it for the journey - congratulations to AIESEC in Penang and AIESEC in Kedah-Perlis for finally making the due payment for their first tickets!

We still have a long way to go to fill our plane, so dedicate your next weeks to focus on Matching!

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Meanwhile, on the iGCP front, some of the LCs are really taking a stand! We successfully approved 57 EPs in just one week! Good job to AIESEC in Penang and AIESEC in CU for being the top contributors so far. We still have more than half of our forms to bring foreign fighters to though, so keep building on your momentum and don't slow down and let's approve the 420 remaining forms until the end of the month!

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Updates from the MC Office

Out of Office

This Week: Hanne (Conference Chair, Indonesia), JT [tentatively] (ADB Summit, Philippines)

Next Week: John (Global Steering Team, Netherlands)

What is the MC up to?

Hanne (MCP)

-> Brand Summit Wrap Up and Indonesia National Conference Chairing

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> Financial Information PPT and Transition

John (IM)

-> Global Steering Team Meeting and Politeknik Future Plan

Jane (oGCP)

-> MC Roadtrip UKM and Conversion Strategy Definition

Edward (iGCP)

-> Matching Support for Summer Peak

Peter (iGTP)

-> Performance Coaching with LC and Matching Project

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> Operations Replanning and Winter Planning with K-P & UNMC

Manu (OD)
-> YouthSpeak Support and MCVP OD Transition Meetings

Ana (TM)

-> #TMonActions Program and Coaching to Sunway, CU & Penang

JT (Expansion)

-> ADB SDG Meeting in Philippines and CU & UM LCP Coaching

Paul (Marketing)

-> EST Management and Individual Transition

Pravin (PR)

-> Ambassador COP and Prepare for UniKL Meeting