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Earhquake PBL Project

The Earthquake PBL project was all about the driving question: How can we, as structual engineers, build a 2 story house for Tony Stark that withstands sesmetic activity. We made, build, and created a wiki page to show our project. We built a house with certain measurements and built it out of popscile sticks, plastic straws, yarn, clay, and other items. We made vlogs,(video blogs) so we can show our daily process. We also test out the building to see if it can survive the shake table test. It is one of the best projects of the year since you get to collaborate with your tablemates and be a group all together.

30 Hands Project

The 30 Hands Project was one of my favorite science projects. You work really hard on it and I love the video taping and the creating the PicCollages. They were the best part. We learned mostly about the global climate change and who it is affecting. We learned global warming and greenhouse gases and how it is effecting the atmosphere. We learned about the use of too much electricity and how we can stop it. You learn a lot about the unit once you do this project.

Invention Convention

Since the drought of California, I worried we would be out of water soon. Now, we are creating a robot that uses dirty water to power electronics to it. We can use less electrity and water to power it. This invention is the best and we are on a good start. Now, we can not use that much fresh water and use waste water instead. Since the robot would break down functionally if we put water in it, we would but aluminum foil around it or a type of water resistance metal so it could not malfuction.

Extra Credit Paragraph

My favorite unit this year was the Earthquake Unit #5, because that is where we do the big chunk of the projects there and that is basically the Earthquake PBL project. We learned all we need to know about earthquakes and what to do with them. We had a Earthquake Preparedness Project and learning what this family will do when they experience an earthquake. We had a lot of time watching videos and having fun, that it when by quickly!