Brown Bear Newsletter

December 14-18

What happened last week?

We had a great week learning about the letter K. We made kings made from the letter K, decorated ornaments for our tree, worked on our one to one counting by putting ornaments on Christmas trees and got to taste a kiwi! We also spent the beginning of the week acting out the book The Gingerbread Man. Today we did something a little new, we took a field trip to visit the big kitchen at the church. Ms. Chrissy from the kitchen staff showed us all the different parts of a commercial kitchen. We first saw where the food was served and then walked back to the kitchen. She showed us all the kitchen utensils, the large ovens and stoves as well as the cookie rack! We also got to see the large walk in coolers and freezers and the vacuum storage machine. At the end of our tour, Chrissy showed us a stalk of kale and had a small bit of a kale salad for us to taste. It was delicious! She even had enough for us to take home.

What's happening this week?

Next week will be a letter review and much talk about Christmas. We're winding down and will just have a bunch of fun this week. On Thursday, we will have a pajama party and watch a couple of Christmas movies. Friday will be our class Christmas party with lunch provided by the parents. Friday will also be noon dismissal.


Lunch order forms due Wednesday

Thursday is the pajama party

Friday is the class Christmas party

Friday is noon dismissal

Important dates

12/18 Christmas break begins. Noon dismissal.

12/25 We hope your family has a blessed Christmas