Southeast Region

By: Samantha,Justine,and Brianna


The location of the southeast region is in the bottom left of the United States map. The states are Kentucky,West Virginia,Tennessee,Alabama,Georgia,Arkansas,North Carolina,Mississippi,Louisiana,Virginia,Florida, and South Carolina.

Region's Climate

In the summer it is hot and dry.Winter cold and wet. Normal weather is warm and sometimes Hurricanes.


The vegetation is Cotton,Bald Cypress tress,Mangrove trees,and Magnolia trees.


Farming,sailing,football player,manufacturing,and miner.


There are many things to do in our region. Such as sailing,swimming,fishing,tours,and festivals.

Major landmarks

Appalachian plateau,Mississippi river,and Baltimore house.
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Other Interesting Facts

1.Tennessee is popular for the musical Memphis.

2. Carolina split into two colonies North Carolina and South Carolina.

3.English colonist settled in Jamestown known for the first established colony.

4.Florida was a Spanish colony before joining the U.S,in 1845.

5.There are 7 national football teams in the region.

6.James town Virginia was located in region.

7. Young children worked in mines.

8. 73 national parks.

9. There are China's people live there.