Hurricanes and tornadoes

comparrisons By: Emma Pham

Disasters waiting to happen

Hurricanes and tornadoes are both really destructive to homes, trees, and even humans. Both Hurricanes and tornadoes can be different levels. For tornadoes it is f1 ,f2 ,f3 ,f4 , and the worst f5. But that rarely happens. Also hurricanes go by category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Tornadoes are hard to predict since they come fast and end fast.

The comparrison


Tornadoes and hurricanes are both very destructive. They also are rated in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 tornadoes have f than the the number but there still the same. Hurricanes and tornadoes both spin. Also they have super high wind speeds the can go up to 100 mph. These are a couple similarities that hurricanes and tornadoes have in common.


Hurricanes have storms inside of it. Tornadoes are just a big spiral there can be a storm, but most likely there could be a storm but not inside of it. Also Hurricanes are formed on warm oceans. Tornadoes are formed on the land. Lastly, most hurricanes don't touch the ground and tornadoes are on the ground. These are a couple differences of hurricanes and tornadoes.


Tornadoes form when warm air rises and cold air comes down. The different winds speeds can create a rotation effect. Since the cold and hot air come together it makes the roatation go down to the ground. Then its a tornado the dust makes the tornado a darker color. Did you know that tornadoes are the most destructive kind of weather.


Hurricanes form by water rising from a warm ocean. Wind and rain can make many thunderstorms appear. When all the storms come together it creates a spinning circle in the air with a storm inside of it. Hurricanes form mostly in the tropics. Also in warm water. When hurricanes reach up to 74 mph it is category 1. The last category can be 156 mph or more.

How to stay safe

  • Make a safety kit with food, band aids, medicine, and a battery powered radio.
  • You should make a safety plan with your family. You should also search for the nearest safe zone.
  • You should always keep up with the weather man with your radio