Internet Safety

By: Halley Dellemann

Why it's important...

The safety issue we have chosen is Internet safety. Many people get into a lot of trouble because of the internet. Although the internet has many positive impacts like for example school use and research, there are many negative impacts. For example there are a lot of online predators that you should always be aware of when you are online and not do stuff you are not advised to do.

5 important facts for you to know...

  1. Online predators usually communicate with younger children. About 6,000 cases of online sexual predators have been reported.
  2. Online predator signs include:
    - Lying
    - Alienation from friends and family
    - Unusual gifts such as cameras and web-cameras
    - Threats or demands for secrecy
  3. Other statistics:

-30% of teen girls who used the Internet frequently had been sexually harassed while they were in a chat room.

-37% of teens (male and female) received links to explicit content online.

-30% of teens have talked about meeting someone they met online.

-19% knew a friend who was harassed online by a stranger.

-33% of teen girls and 18% of teen boys had been asked about sexual topics online.

4. Only 7% of parents in the U.S. worry about cyber-bullying

5. About 1 million children were harassed via Facebook in 2011

Dos and Don'ts


  • Ask your parents before going on the internet
  • Have basic social skills
  • Understand the site you are using's rules
  • Recognize "red flags" such as when people ask for your personal information
  • Only talk to people you actually know when chatting online.


  • Go online without parental permission
  • Share passwords
  • Pretend to be someone you are not
  • Share personal information, like: names, addresses, and etc..
  • Be mean