Juliet Capulet Internal Conflict

A person should think through things before making a choice

Act 1, Scene V.

Juliet was having a party to basically that she is ready for marriage that her parents planned for her to meet a Boy named Paris. At this party she met Romeo and when she saw him she fell head over heals for him. They kissed and she responded with "'you kiss by the book'"(p.1016, line 121). Juliet is letting a boy she just met and a lot older then her kiss all over her, and later thinks about it and falls in love. Because of her falling in love it will bring her to an early death and marriage to a boy she just met.

Act 3 Scene iV.

Juliet knew before hand of marrying Romeo that her father was planning a wedding for her with Paris. After Romeo kills Tybalt Paris sees that Juliet is sad and that maybe having a wedding would make her happy, so he goes to lord Capulet with that offer and lord Capulet replies with "'A Thursday be it then go to Juliet'"(p.1062 lines, 33-34). Juliet can not be married to both Romeo and Paris so now she put herself in a place where she can't get out of without help. if she thought things out before marrying Romeo, like just telling her father before he plans the wedding that she doesn't like Paris in that manner then things would have turned out fine.

Act 4, Scene i.

After she figures out that there is no way of getting out of this marriage with Paris she runs to Frier Lawrence threatening to kill herself if he doesn't give her a plan to get out of this marriage. Pressured with short amount of time Frier Lawrence come up with a quick, not so great plan. The plan is for her to drink a potion that will make her look dead, then when she awakes she will be in the Capulet catacombs. Juliet responds with this idea with "'give me, give me! O, tell me no fear'"(p.1076 line. 131). So frier Lawrence hands her the potion and gets a messenger to send to Romeo to tell him the news. She is blinded by love and she doesn't think of any sort of back up plan. A lot could go wrong, what if the potion doesn't work, what if Romeo doesn't show up and she is trapped there alone when she awake. Paris would have been there and Frier Lawrence would not have been able to open the catacombs with him there, so Juliet would have been stuck in there.

Act 3, Scene i.

Another example of the theme "A person should think through things before making a choice" is when Romeo kills Tybalt (Juliet's Cousin) because Tybalt kills Romeo's Best friend, After Romeo kills Tybalt, Benvolio says to Romeo "'Romeo, away, be gone! The citizens are up, and Tybalt is slain. Stand not amazed, The prince will doom thee death if thou are take'" (p.1048 lines. 141-144). Benvolio is explaining to Romeo what Romeo just did and that it will end in his death if he is captured. Along with almost ever character in this play Romeo acted without thinking of what he was doing. Now his friend was dead, his cousin in law was dead, and he would never see his wife alive again.