The Dangers of Soccer

By: Ian Repie Period 6

How can I create a presentation that will inform people about the dangers of soccer and how they can protect themselves?

I chose this topic because I play soccer and I want to protect myself and also help others. I am hoping that next time I am on the soccer field I will know the dangers and be able to protect myself better.

Heading the Ball

Soccer is the only sport that uses your head and heading a soccer ball can cause very serious brain damage. There have been warnings about young players who play the game. Young children still have developing brains and heading the ball can cause very serious brain damage. It is estimated that players head the ball about 12 times a game.

Slide tackles

It has been proven that slide tackles are the most dangerous thing about the game. Players will hit the ground hard and there is the risk of be stepped on or having players dog pile on top of you. Players such as soccer star Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, or Eden Hazard, have been taken to the hospital.To prevent this reffs give out yellow and red cards.

The Secret Danger of Soccer

The goal itself is one of the most unknown and dangerous parts in soccer. Soccer goals are heavy and big, and if not anchored down they can tip over and fall on kids. Goals can tip as easy as a man pushing the post post forward with one arm. Believe it or not it is estimated that 200 children are injured and one child has been killed by the goal a year. A young boy named Hayden who was a goalie for his team was killed after having a strong gust of wind blow the goal on top of him. Also, a young girl had a goal fall and shatter her leg. The doctor said it was as if someone had hit her with a sledgehammer as hard as they can. Now before game reffs check the goal and make sure most are anchored into the ground.
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