Personalized Learning Update

LGHS and Cohort 16

District Cohort 16 Convening

The LGHS Design team presented at the district convening on June 4th. The group shared the LGHS Vision for Personalized Learning and received feedback from the consultants as well as the other Henry County schools engaged in the same work. The feedback was positive and probing, causing the group to think about expanding our pilot. What do you think? Let us know at

Leadership Development Seminar

The county held a Leadership Development Seminar on Wednesday, June 3rd. Our leadership team (Gugino, Holt, Lejeune, Reynolds, Bernat, Bowen, Cofer, D. Miller, Bailey, H. Mason, Willis, Crews, Maddox, Collie, Sears, Ellis, Martin, Moore, and H. Miller) participated and overwhelmingly agreed that the presentation on Mindset was informative and worth redelivering to our entire faculty and even our students. Check out the 2 links below. Do you have a fixed or growth mindset, and how does your self-identified mindset influence your interactions with students?

Georgia Educational Technology Conference ~ November 4-5

The district has approved the LGHS Pilot Cohort's attendance at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference in November. This conference is located in Atlanta and will offer over 350 sessions from nationally known speakers and presenters; these sessions will focus on the latest in technological innovations. The Pilot Cohort will benefit from seeing what is available for them to utilize with their students.

LGHS Definition of Personalized Learning

We want to create an learning environment that promotes student ownership, strives for personal fulfillment based on individual needs, and fosters creativity by giving students options and a voice so that they are equipped with the tools to be productive citizens and leaders.

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