TRIO News You Can Use

Edition 1- Week of 8/31-9/4


Way to go! By now, you have so much to be proud of yourself for; you got your financial aid in order, chosen your schedule, woken up for class, found a parking spot and your class, and hopefully attended TRIO Orientation and scheduled your intake! You have all the right things in place to make this the best semester yet, and we in TRIO SSS want to help you get there!

Did you have to miss Orientation on August 21st? Then please complete the Orientation Alternative!

There is some new/updated information that you really need to know! Before you can schedule an intake, checkout items or sign up for a college tour/cultural event we want you to do the Orientation Alternative. This alternative is saved on the front desk computer in the computer lab. Please go into the lab, watch the powerpoint presentation, and then complete the short quiz at the end of the presentation. After you complete this you can sign up for your intake!
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We are going to TWO great 4-year universities in ONE day! Great opportunity to see if this is the school for you?

Scholarship Opportunity for Returning TRIO SSS Students!!!

Have you been in the TRIO SSS program for more than a year? Then, we have a scholarship opportunity for you!! The SWASAP organization is holding a competition and we are allowed to submit FIVE applications from MCC's TRIO program! Attached to the email with this newsletter, are the scholarship guidelines and application. In order to submit this by the deadline and do a letter of recommendation, our MCC deadline is September 24th!! This is BIG $$$$, so complete this application today! See your TRIO Advisor or Director if you have questions.
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Intakes are Happening NOW! You MUST complete an Intake to be an ACTIVE member, so please schedule yours today! Call 254-299-8431!

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First Workshop is COMING UP on Friday, September 25th from 3pm-4pm. This will be about "Creating an Excellent Presentation" and can benefit ANY class!

Friday (9/4) is the last day that we are taking TRIO applications until Nov 1st

The time has come, our grant funds have spoken, and after Friday we can no longer take applications for TRIO. We are only funded to serve 240 students, and thankfully because all of you have spread the word... we are already there! Those that turn in apps after Friday, will be asked to hold onto their's and resubmit it on November 1st when we open it again. Then, depending on our Summer Graduates we will open up a few more spaces for the spring. Thanks for your help in spreading the word!

The first person to read all the way down to the bottom of this newsletter, and come see Monica will receive a FREE TRIO T-SHIRT (size small)