Small but inquisitive

By: Sophia Lee

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About me....

I am known as the first person who came to Narnia. I always try to find out things about many actions in Narnia. I am also very small but really smart compared to my family members. I met a friend named Mr. Tumnus who told me about the evil White Witch, so that means I am on th good side in Narnia. Usually people think of me as nice and friendly, but I am actually eager and a little mean when it comes to saving or helping someone.

Aslan's name

When I heard Aslan's name I felt like I just woke up on a holiday morning. I am on Aslan's side, the good side. Aslan's name is likewhen you wake up on christmas morning and there are more than enough gifts for you. When edmund heard his nema he was terrified and he was filled with horror, Peter felt all brave and adventurouse, and Susan felt like a sweet smell or song past right by her. When the Queen hears Aslan's name she will die in "one second." I will begin to fell like I am the hero of Narnia once I hear Aslan's name at least two times. If the Queen tries to stop Aslan she won't even haveone chance of getting him. LONG LIVE ASLAN!!!!!!!!

Father Christmas's gift

Father Christmas gave me a bottle of cordral and a small dager even though I prefered on getting a wand that can stop anyone. That wand could have stopped the Queen from getting my best friend, Mr.Tumnus. If only I had that wand I would be the hero of Narnia. This magestic wand symbolizes that I want to help the people or statues in Narnia. The other Children received better gifts than me Peter got a long shiny sword and a huge shield and Susan got a bow and arrow that woyuld be so coll to use! I still feel bad for Edmund even tjough it's his loss that he betrayed the good side just for some turkish delight.

Favorite Quote

Lucy's favorite quote is "Aslan is a lion-the lion, the great Lion. I like this quote because it explains that Aslan is the king of the jungle. The quote also has a big effect on this book because whenever the children hear his name it is like you just got the gift you wanted in years. When Mr.Beaver was talking about Aslan it makes you want to finish the book until you find out who the wonderful and great Aslan is.THis quote also shows that Aslan is THE LION unlike the lion who died on the stone table because of the White Witch.Most of all this quote reminds me of when I heard wonderful news and I felt a certain feeling in my body that I have never felt before.

Link to a site

I chose this link because I love fur!!!! For a second the readers thought that I just wanted to go inside a wardrobe for no apparent reason, but I actually went inside because I saw the soft furry furs in the huge jacket. Right when I came inside the wardrobe I wanted to go in more and more because I love the feeling of the fur swishing on my face one by one. If I were to go shopping all I would buy is loads of fur clothes.

What I think of the White Witch.......

The White Witch is a horrible lady who tries to kill kids to just keep her throne and her wealth. The White Witch should be banned from Narnia because of her horrible acts, but I am pretty sure that Aslan wouldn't do such a thing. The White Witch would because infortunately she was the one who turned many people into hard stone. I think the people should show a resistance that tells Aslan to vanish her from Narnia.