Let's Make Animal Farm Great Again

Out with the Old in with The Older

Napoleon and the Pigs have become the new Jones

Napoleon and his Pigs have become worse than Jones. With Napoleon in power we have less luxuries and more work hours than we had under Jones. Under Napoleon we also get whipped and constantly berated by the sheep he has trained to do his bidding. Somehow the Pigs have found themselves to be better than any of the other animals. We need this to end now! Let's bring Benjamin to power!

Our New Leader


Benjamin would be fit for a leader to set us on the right track for the society that Napoleon promised us. This society which was one where the pigs ruled themselves and only had to work for themselves. We as animals deserve this right to not be treated as slaves but to be treated fairly especially from those who were once our equal. This is why we must take Napoleon out of power along with him will go the dogs and the pigs. We will drive these tyrants off Animal Farm and recreate this farm, OUR farm. To achieve this perfect society we dreamed of when Napoleon first became our leader we must have a leader who we know is not corrupt and one who will do the right thing in tough situations. Thus bringing in Benjamin. Benjamin is the oldest animal of our farm, he knew what times were like before Napoleon was here. He knows this farm better than anyone else. He also does not care much for getting too involved with drama, this means that once this farm is set on the track of our utopia, Benjamin will step down as he has no interest in being our leader. An example of his disinterest in being too involved is when Benjamin was asked whether or not he was happier now that Jones was gone "'Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey'" (Orwell 47). I believe what Benjamin is trying to say is that he is an old man and would like to live out his final years in peace no matter who is a leader. If it comes to it, Benjamin would be able to take the role of our leader to ensure the peace he deserves as an old man who has been on the farm longer than anyone else. Benjamin also will be the most realistic leader we can have as his goals he sets will be able to be achieved unlike Napoleon's. For example when Napoleon and Snowball were campaigning their ideas for a windmill or for an increase in food production. "Benjamin was the only animal who did not side with either faction. He refused to believe either that food would become more plentiful or that the windmill would save work. Windmill or no windmill, he said, life would go on as it had always gone on-that is, badly" (Orwell 65). Benjamin knows that no matter what life on the farm will always continue and under other leaders it will always be bad. So why not have the man who knows the farm better than anyone and the most realistic person run our farm? Benjamin will make usher in a new era for Animal Farm, an era of prosperity!

The New Commandments

Benjamin has decided to keep the idea used by Napoleon and create commandments which benefit everyone. These are the commandments Benjamin has made :

  1. No animal shall ever rise to more power than anyone else once I, Benjamin, step down.
  2. Every animal has an equal say in every matter.
  3. Each and every animal on our farm will be provided the food and home that they need to live comfortably.
  4. Every animal will work to their capabilities and get serviced to their needs.
  5. All animals, big or small, strong or weak, tall or short, are equal on our farm.
  6. Animal Farm is a place of peace, those who disrupt the peace may be forced to leave.
  7. Any animal who is willing to comply by our rules and work to their capabilities to make their lives an the other animals better will be accepted with open hooves by our community.
  8. Every animal has the right to lead a life of happiness.

Gaining Support

Benjamin will have a team of other animals such as the horses who support Benjamin to speak for him to the other animals of the farm. They will say to the other animals that they are tired of living a slave-like life and what to start a revolution. The animals who support Benjamin will then say that they would like Benjamin to lead as he is the most fit to bring this farm to a golden age. We will start chants and songs about revolution and about Benjamin being our only hope to help us live happily on our farm. Through these things the word will be spread about Benjamin and how he can help our farm through the toughest of times and bring us to the best of times.

A Peaceful Takeover

The animals who support Benjamin will conduct a peaceful strike outside of the pigs' house where we will chant "Out with the Old, In with the Older" to show our intentions. The strikes will be taking place everyday during work hours, we will stop for meals and sleep. Eventually, Napoleon will grow tired of an inefficient farm and will have to make a public appearance to attempt to get us to continue working. It is at this moment where we will chase him out of the farm along with the rest of his people. This can be accomplished as we clearly outnumber the pigs and the dogs. However this will not be easy because the dogs will resort to violence. However, the pigs have become too large from feasting too much to be of any troubles. Once we have rid our farm of these animals we will make the necessary changes to the farm and live in our own personal Utopia.