Wedding Planner

Aly Partridge


$44,260 per year ($20,000-$68,000 annually)

Can vary based on client's and amount of experience.


  • Self-owned; choose what projects and tasks to take on
  • 100% control of jobs taken
  • Connections with venues, florists, and other event suppliers
  • Travel to wedding destinations (Ex: Beach weddings, out-of-town venues)
  • Personal satisfaction with completed projects
  • Free food
  • Free form thinking; good variety in setting and desires of client.


  • Certification from American Association of Certified Wedding Planners
  • Classes from university (recommended)
  • Bachelors' degree in Wedding Planning, Hospitality & tourism management, Business, marketing, finance, business administration.
  • Good communication skills
  • Charismatic, extroverted

Daily Tasks

  • Creating plans for cost of weddings
  • Meeting with and talking with the bride, groom, and their families.
  • Traveling to venues and suppliers
  • Keeping up to date with latest wedding trends and updating ideas for clients.
  • Advertising services and accepting projects
  • Answering emails, calls, and voicemail about services offered
  • Being creative with designs, planning, and advertising

Advancement Oppourtuitues

Heavy job advancement; Weddings happen consistently year-round. Opportunities increase with experience, connections/advertisement, and local population.

Day in the Life

In the morning, if there are no weddings to attend, look over upcoming weddings and their checklist. Emails, business-related errands, and contacting suppliers. The afternoon consists of meeting with clients, setting base with venues, and answering more emails. The time is flexible and adaptable to how busy a schedule is. For example, if a wedding is taking place that day, the entire day could be spent at the venue. Most of the time will be concentrated in communicating with clients, suppliers, and venues.



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