Walter Einholme

The Future Guide to Our Future

Walter Einholme: Running for Head of School Board Smore by: Omar Ibrahim

Who Am I?

Hello parents, I am Walter Einholme the world-renowned educator. You all have the privilege of selecting me as the one to guide our future; the future of your children. Now, don’t think I am entering this establishment with no prior experience; I have been the president of over 14 different school boards, each of them filled with students and parents just like you all, and each of them willing to vouch for my compatibility of this job.

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My Plans For Your Children

I cannot hold you against your will and force you to select me, however I am entitled to giving you my honest intentions on what I can and must do in order to shape up this district to make it the best it could be. I will assist in funding and planning for multiple expansions. I will establish a greater variety of courses in our elementary, middle, and high schools, so our students can build their future however they may wish. I shall uphold all the standards you all hold for your children’s education and I shall expand them to suit my standards and also, of course, the standards of the district as well.

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Why Am I Running?

To prove how much I care about the education of students here and worldwide, I will include the fact that I have volunteered at 43 different tutoring centers, tutoring over 1,000 students and watching them excel at what they previously failed. That and that alone is what drives my actions. I live for watching your children grow and excel; for watching the future shape up before me; and for helping them every step of the way. That is why this job is important to me and if I am elected I will not rest until all the educational needs of your children are fulfilled.

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Why Should You Vote For Me?

There are quite a few famous people who have excelled under my teachings. Michael Phelps, world renowned and record breaking swimmer who I had the honor of teaching Calculus to when he was in high school says, “Mr. Einholme would be a great choice for head of your school board!” Everyone I know can stand for my excellence in my work and character, and everyone is voting for me, therefore, you should vote for me too as head of the school board.

Who You Shouldn't Vote For

On the opposing side of the spectrum is Mr. Harriet Clarkson, who is also running as head of your school board. I highly recommend you vote for me instead of him due to his numerous incidents with our students as teacher in the past, including throwing fits of rage at students, failing them for no logical reason, and throwing around false accusations at not only students but teachers as well. This kind of man is not at all fit for such a prestigious job filled with responsibility and trust to everyone and yourself. In fact, I recently contacted 15 of my former students and asked what words they would associate with me. All of them associated fine traits for a leader to have, all of the people I contacted saying I am “responsible” and “fair”.

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