A.F.G. Drone

Automatic Fuel Gather Drone

A.F.G. Make your home warmer

Have you ever experienced watching your favorite movie on tv, and suddenly you need to fuel your fireplace. You realize that you don't have any wood nearby. Normally you would go to your wood shed, get wood and miss several minutes of the movie. Not any more with the brand new A.F.G Drone. It will automatic get wood for you. It's easy to install, in the package there are two transmitters. Put one at your wood shed or other wood source and one at your fireplace, and your drone will do the rest. And you don't need to recharge it because it runs on battery and it recharges it self from solar cells. It can be yours for only 4,000 HUF.

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If you order now and you get a second A.F.G. This will make your fireplace double as efficient.