Kindergarten Weekly

October 17-20, 2016

Fridays at Home

-Have your child retell Out on the Prairie; See how many of the 10 animals in this story they can remember and what the mamas say to their babies!
-Practice writing the letters a, s, g, d, f, n
-Practice trick words
-Sorting activity-Lesson Practice 34 (good preparation for the animal classification unit we are starting!)
-Read and record pages in passports

A Peek in Our Week

We enjoyed learning about the grasslands habitat, also known as prairies, savannas, range lands, pampas, and steppes. Your children finished art work from their picture study last week, did some grass observations, learned about grasshoppers (they can jump 20 times the length of their body!), and created some pretty amazing grasshopper art. We ended the week with a lot of prairie animal activity! And didn't your little ones do a great job singing in assembly! : D

Here's What's Coming Up This Week

Language Arts-Practice letter sounds, vowels/consonants, trick words (add be, me, they), sky writing and letter formation, basic sentence structure. We will do some copy work with fall words and do trick word games and activities.

Saxon Math-Practice ordinal numbers, identify missing numbers, order numbers 1-10, count backwards, do some fall dot-to-dots, and play bingo using the number formation songs.

Bible-Our Bible memory passage for October is Philippians 2:5-8 (in folder); working on verse 7 this week. We will practice for a skit for Thursday's assembly.

Around the World-This week we will begin our two week unit on animal classification, using the books The Button Box and Fur and Feathers. We will learn an animal classification song, practice sorting various items, learn the characteristics of mammals and birds, do some drawing and make an edible owl.

Reminders-Box Tops are due this Thursday, October 20th! No school on Tuesday, but I look forward to meeting with each of you during our parent-teacher conferences! Also, I will be leading assembly this week and your children will be acting out a story on Thursday. Hope you can all join us! (I will send out a reminder later.)

Overheard in class-During map time, Mrs. Rosser mentioned that we would be visiting Canada in a few weeks. Student: "Without our mom and dad??"

A little band aid fun after finishing their "OUCH!" project!