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Patriot High School - May/June Newsletter

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Principal's Message

Dear Pioneers:

As we end the current school year, it is a great honor to reflect on the success our students and staff have attained! To attain our goal of becoming the “Best High School in the Nation,” Patriot faculty and staff continue to go the extra mile for students – often staying late, arriving early, and helping outside of school hours. Student leadership displayed by our class officers, club members, and athletes makes me proud to be the principal of this school.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams and Standard of Learning (SOL) tests are completed and many students will prepare summative evaluations to end their school year. I am pleased to announce that we once again rank in the top 3% of high schools in the country per “The Washington Post” Challenge Index (2017). Additionally, “US News & World Report” recently ranked Patriot in the top 2% of all high schools in the nation. Thus, Patriot High School is the first high school in PWCS to earn Gold Medal Status. These national rankings reflect the challenging coursework our students undertake, and the dedication of our instructional staff in creating meaningful lessons for our students.

As you are aware, Patriot High School is an exceptional place. It reflects the importance our community places on education. The support of our parents, business partners, and community members is an integral part of that success. Because of the support provided by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC), and the Boosters Organization, great things are taking place all over our campus. Visit our web page to learn more about these organizations and what you can do to help them and support your students at Patriot High School.

I would like to offer congratulations to our graduates and their families– and all of those who have played a role in the development of our senior class. I have every confidence in them going forward and finding success in their chosen fields of study, career, or military branch.

Thank you for all you do in support of your child and Patriot. A community effort will only continue to make Patriot High School and our students great.


Michael E. Bishop, Ed.D.


School Counseling Department News

Schedule Changes

In May/June students will be given a copy of what we currently have in the computer for their course selections for next year. Please review this with your student, make final selections of courses and return the form by the First day of exams, June 12th. This is the last day that we will make changes to your course selection.

Not all changes will be honored as we do look at recommendations, class size and remaining availability. Students who wish to make a change in a class and are in need of a recommendation, are encouraged to go back to your teacher and discuss this request. The teacher can amend their previous recommendation, if appropriate, and will inform the counselor of this change.

Students who take a summer school class(es), and pass, will automatically be moved to the next level for that subject area.

We will not be changing any schedules except in cases of a wrong class in the fall. Please be confident in the courses you have selected, and if you have questions, consult with your counselor and teachers.

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Important Driver's Ed and Behind-the-Wheel Announcements

Students who wish to obtain their TDL-180 Day license with an eligibility date over the summer will need to complete all requirements and turn in all documentation to Mrs. Dignan by the end of the school year. The TDL will be issued to the student’s parent on June 14 from 7:15 am - 11:00 am and June 15 from 7:15 am - 11:00 am with the expectation that the parent will hold the license until the eligibility date arrives. Students who do not complete the requirements prior to the end of the school year must wait until the following school year to receive the TDL-180 Day license. Please be advised that TDL-180 day licenses WILL NOT be issued during the summer.


All HPE II teachers will distribute DEC-District 8 cards to all eligible recipients during the school year that classroom Driver’s Education is completed. If a DEC-District 8 card is not issued to a student, the student needs to speak with their teacher before the end of the school year. Please be advised that DEC-District 8 cards WILL NOT be distributed during the summer.

Library News

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Cafeteria News


All student cafeteria balances automatically roll over to the next school year. The funds follow the student to his or her new grade and/school, as long as your child remains in a Prince William County Public School. If relocating or graduating from our district, please go to, click on “Pre-Payment Options” and then “Refund Request Form,” to have your student’s balance refunded.

If you are requesting a refund, please remove any SmartPay option you set up while using, to avoid any further charges to your credit card. Refunds are processed in the form of a check and typically take 3 to 5 weeks to process. They are delivered via mail. Additional time may be required at the beginning and end of each school year due to heavy volume.

Transferring an account balance to another student's account can also be done through the “Refund Request” link. Please provide the student’s name, student ID # (if available), name of school student attends, and student's date of birth to receive funds.

You may also choose to donate excess funds in your student’s account to students in need.

If you have questions, please contact PWCS Food and Nutrition Services at 703.791.7314.

Math Department News

As we approach the end of this school year, it is not too early to consider supplies for next year. Math students at Patriot are expected to have a graphing calculator of their own to use in class, on homework and on assessments. This summer is a great time to check out the different types of calculators available and purchase one before the back-to-school rush, when limited supplies and out-of-stock scenarios may occur. Below are the calculators approved by the state:

CASIO 9750 G Series,
CASIO 9850 G Series,
CASIO 9860 G Series,

TI-83 Series,
TI-84 Series,
TI-Nspire in TI-84 Plus mode,

TI-Nspire (non-CAS),
TI-Nspire CX (non-CAS),

TI-73 Explorer

Please visit the Math Department website on School Messenger for calculator information and if you have specific questions regarding the purchase of calculators, please contact Lisa Bussian, Math Department Chair at

PWCS Translation Library

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