Sally Dreher

My Experience with Physical Activity

A Little Background

My name is Sally Dreher and I am from Wamego, Ks (about 20 miles East). Family and friends are incredibly important to me. I have my parents, a younger sister, a brother-in-law, and two dogs: Zoey, a French mastiff, and Domino, a rottweiler. I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, Jon. Together we enjoy going on hikes, attending a variety of concerts (the most recent being Chevelle and Rocklahoma), going to sports games, traveling, and helping our families with projects around the houses.

Physically Active? Me?

I enjoy physical activity such as walks, hiking, bike riding, yoga. I enjoy working out with Jon or by myself, depending on my mood at the time. I think I find myself only enjoying some activities because of some injuries I've had. I used to love martial arts, Taekwondo specifically, until I blew my ACL and sustained other considerable damage to my knee and was advised against returning. Then, after breaking my ankle/leg walking to class at the beginning of the year, I find myself not pushing hard to work out like I used to.

I grew up really enjoying being active. I was constantly participating in sports and helping my dad on his friends' farms and his archery range. Once I started getting busy with other things, my activity dropped. However, I have changed my habits slowly back over to being healthier and more active a couple years ago. I was given some hard news to handle, and decided to make a change to my lifestyle.

I am sure with no doubt that all of these: gender, ethnicity, SE, geographical area, etc., has played a role in how active/inactive I am. I believe a big role from geographical area was played though. I live far enough out of town and on a very busy high speed highway that is wa and still is unsafe to leave in or on anything other than a vehicle. So, instead of walking, I drove and once I got my license, a most people do, I drove everywhere. I could have gone to town and walked to my destinations but it was much easier and convenient in my mind to drive.


Health Interests

Ithink that personal health and wellnes and nutrition are the most interesting health topics to me. I have found now that I have already made the mistakes and am older, I am paying more attention to these things to try and fix what damage and improper "care" I have taken in my past. I think it is very important to pass along this knowledge to our students. I work at a preschool now but would like to work with kindergarteners or first graders in the future. Even though they are still young, they are old enough to learn good and bad habits now. I would love to learn ways that are best to teach these young minds good habits they are able to start now.

I will be taking notes and making reflections on our daily energizers after participating to be able to use them in my classroom. I also believe that even if some things may make us feel silly as college students, we still have to buy in and do it full heartedly. If we don't, especially in front of our class, why would they choose to buy in. Besides, what's more fun than having fun with your class?!?