Sir James Dewar

By David Ryan

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He was educated at university of Edinburgh then went on to be a professor at both University of Cambridge (1875) and at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, London (1877)


he has many contributions the ones that relate to physics relate to atomic physics as he discoved that cooled charcoal could assist in creating high vacuums this work allows people to create a vacuum with a few atoms in it so they can study them. this work got him knighted in 1904. the has other contributions in chemistry such as the creation of liquid hydrogen and oxygen and Dewar flask other wise known as a Thermos flask


he earned 6 distinguishing awards in science in his life which were

Hodgkins gold medal (Smithsonian Institution)

Lavoisier Medal (French Academy of Sciences)

Albert Medal (Royal Society of Arts)

Rumford Medal (1894)

Franklin Medal (1919)

Copley Medal (1916)

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