Applying Rational Numbers

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How rational numbers play a role in shopping-

Rational numbers play a big role in shopping, because of the sale prices. For example 25% off and 50% off.

September Sale-

Buy 1 item at full price and receive 2nd item at a 50% discount.

I had to use rational number to figure out the sale price and total price for my entire purchase.

Figuring out the sale price-

A regular price of a shirt is $15.00. To figure 50% off, I made 50% into its decimal form, which is .50. Then I multiplied by the regular price. The result is $7.50, which is the sale price. If the sale was a different % off, like 25%, I would have had to first multiply .25 by the price to figure the amount of the discount, then subtract the discount from the regular price. In this circumstance 25% off equals .25 x 15= $3.75, making the final sale price $15-$3.75 = $11.25.


When shopping we use rational numbers. If you're like most people you like buy things on sale, NEVER full price. Rational numbers are used to figure out discounts and sale prices.