Wetlands help the environment.

It's important to save the wetlands.

What are wetlands?

Wetlands are lands with lots of tall grass, trees, animals, and water. Wetlands are a little different then swamps. Swamps have dirty water, but wetlands have cleaner water than swamps. The water is so fresh at the wetlands, that the wetlands are a perfect place to go fishing.

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What kind of animals live in the wetlands?

All kinds of animals live in the wetlands. It's a perfect place for an animal to live. Wetlands hold, Ducks, Dear, Moose, Frogs, Fish, Snakes,Turtles, Lizards, Beavers, Bugs, Bears, just about anything.
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Food web.

Wetlands have food webs. It's a big food web. If there was no animals in the wetlands then there would be no food web. This is a food web. The little animals are food for the bigger animals.
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