Spring 5-N Newsletter

It's been a while since you've heard from us...

Spring Greetings from Miss Nahas!

I hope you are all enjoying the spring-like weather as much as we are at Jamison- it's been a long road through winter!

Just a few highlights of upcoming events:

  • Writing PSSA will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 11:00am-1:20pm. Please note that our lunch is switched to a later time again, and therefore, your child should bring a larger snack. Don't forget to encourage your child to eat breakfast and sleep well!
  • Portfolios will be available for previewing on Wednesday, April 9. Please reflect with your child, and send back the blue reflection sheet sent home earlier this month by Friday, April 11.
  • Check Sign-Up Genius for your conference date/time reminder. A reminder will be emailed to you a few days prior to your conference.
  • Reading Olympics will take place on Thursday, April 10 from 5:30-9:00pm. Parents will bring their child to Warwick to meet between 5:30-5:45pm in Room 12. Parents will take their child home from Warwick at the end of the award ceremony.
  • The field trip to the Constitution Museum is on Tuesday, April 29th.
  • The field trip to Peace Valley Park is on Thursday, May 1st.
  • Chaperones will be notified soon!

Have a great April!

News from the Kids!

Reading Olympics- Noble Nahas'!

I can't wait! Coming up soon on April 10th, 2014, is the Reading Olympics! Miss Nahas' team name is the "Noble Nahas'." You have to read at least 8-10 books to participate in at least 2 of the rounds. I have read 10 reading olympics' books. I can't wait for the Reading Olympics!


Reading Olympics is almost here! I get to be a part of a great opportunity in the reading olympics! In reading olympics, you have to read 8-10 books to be in at least 1 or 2 rounds out of 3. I read 12 books so far! So keep up the reading, and join Reading Olympics on April 10th in only the 5th grade! Don't miss it!


Reading Olympics is here! Next week, the Noble Nahas' team will be competing for the 1st place ribbon! Come cheer on our team and watch us compete!


In March, 5th grade did many fun and exciting things. One of my favorite things was our Rube Goldberg. An activity that is coming up soon is Reading Olympics. For Reading Olympics, the Noble Nahas' read as many books as they could and then they go to a competition. Another fun activity was pi day. In math, we measured Oreos and crackers for pi day. I can't wait for April


So far, my favorite part of fifth grade in the last few months is Reading Olympics. It is my favorite part because the books in the library in the Reading Olympics section, I didn't even know there were some of those books in the library itself! My favorite book that I read for Reading Olympics that I read is Rowan of Rin. I like it because I like the genre. It is a fantasy because of the dragon in it. That is why Reading Olympics is my favorite part of fifth grade so far in three months.


Reading Olympics shirts are coming any day now! They're Royal purple with a white lion. We are called the Noble Nahas'. We are practicing/getting ready to bring home the first place ribbon. We decided the team captains. Gwenyth, Danny, and Elizabeth are the captains that we decided on. I can't wait until next week!

- Gwenyth

Only one more week! Reading Olympics is coming up! I am so excited. I am going to be a team captain along with Gwen and Danny. Also, our shirts look great! Our team name is Noble Nahas' and our slogan is "Reading is Royalty." Every book has been read by at least two people, so now we are good to go! Pretty soon we will be huddling up and discussing the answer. Then the captain will shout it out! I can't wait!


Just Running

My favorite part of April is Just Running. It teaches kids to run properly becuase kids just run without exercising first, which makes their legs stiff when they start to run. We get to run around the school as many times as possible before the time runs out. Just Running helps kids to exercise. It also helps them to run faster. Just Running is my favorite part of April.


My favorite part of Just Running is when I get to run with my friends. Another part I like about Just Running is when I get to get a cool t-shirt. My favorite part is being on the gold team.


My favorite part about March was Just Running. I love the long runs we do around the school. I am on the brown team. I run with my friends Elizabeth and Gwenyth.


My favorite part of April is Just Running because it shows us how to stretch before we start running. The coaches tell us to run or walk around the school. We mostly have to run for 3 minutes and walk for 1 minute. Just Running helps us exercise more and stay fit, your legs could start to get very stiff and we need to stretch. Each time we run, we could get faster. That is why Just Running is my favorite.


Reading- Hatchet and Book Clubs

I like the book Hatchet. It is very adventurous and I'm reading with the whole reading class. I'm at the part where he crashes and he is very thirsty and he drinks dirty water. Then he throws up. Previously on Hatchet, Brian gets covered with insects and bugs; it's very gross! That is why I like the book Hatchet.


In March we started book clubs. It is so fun! Right now, I'm reading Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by the author Bruce Coville. There are five different books to choose from and they are all Reading Olympics books (Miss Nahas said she wanted to have some finished). The five books that are possibilities are "The Phantom Tollbooth," "Rowan of Rin," "The Boggart" (which I'm reading right now), "George Washington's Spy," and "Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher." I chose Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher because there are dragons. In my group of three people are Tony, Jerry, and me. I think that book clubs are really fun since we get to talk in groups of how the book is going for us.


I really enjoyed read aloud. We are reading the best book ever called Hatchet. In Hatchet, there is a boy named Brian. He is 13 years old and he is going on a plane to Canada to visit his dad because his parents are divorced. When he was on the plane, the pilot had a heart attack. So he had to try to land the plane on his own. Now he landed the plane in a lake in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. He was so thirsty so he had to drink lake water. So now he is sick and he threw up. Now he has to try to figure out where he is now.


PSSA Power

The months of March and April have been rough months this year. Reading has been harder than Math; I don't know what Writing will look like. Hopefully it will be just as easy as Math. I've heard that it's a lot harder. "Good luck, god's speed, and may the force be with you."- Mr. Hottenstein


This March we had reading and math PSSAs. It was both fun and boring at the same time. It was boring because we ended up answering 120 something questions at the very end. Also, because it took 2 hours each day to complete the entire thing. But it was fun because we had no homework each day we had PSSAs. The PSSAs weren't hard, they were just long and tiring.


The PSSAs took so long. We did Math and Reading PSSAs. Soon we do Writing PSSAs. After the Writing PSSAs, they are done until next year. I can't wait to finish!


Revolutionary War

In March, I learned about the Revolutionary War and how it all started. First, the French and Indian War started and left the British bankrupt after they won and conquered more land. King George III next taxed the colonists for many British goods. After a while, the tax was only on tea which made the Patriots start the Boston Tea Party. "The Boston Harbor, a tea pot tonight!"


PEN- Lego Robotics

My favorite part of April was LEGO Robotics in PEN. This year's theme for the board was Nature's Fury. We have to design and build a robot using a NXT 2.0 motor. We have to build attachments for the robot and write programs on the computer using a program called LEGO Mindstorms. At the end of the year, we have to have all of the programs on the robot and we have to be ready to compete against Buckingham Elementary PEN students working on LEGO Robotics. There are many tasks on the board such as rescuing a car and a dog, smashing buildings like an earthquake, running over debris, etc. April has been an exhilarating month for me, and LEGO Robotics was awesome!


Rube Goldberg Science Inventions

I really enjoyed creating this project because I got to build, test, and watch my own. I also enjoyed how I got to build this amazing project. I also liked that I saw my own invention in action.


There are many things in fifth grade with Rube Goldberg Project. I liked a lot of them; they were very cool and interesting. No one had the same idea like mine. Some were to get a basketball to go into the hoop.


I enjoyed the Rube Goldberg project. We had to build cool and creative machines to do simple things. Like turn on a light bulb. MIne took 2 hours to get to work. It was hard, but it was very worth it! That is why I enjoyed Rube Goldberg.


My favorite thing in 5th grade is Rube Goldberg because it was fun to go over the different ideas. My Rube Goldberg was dropping a tea bag into a cup. It got annoying having to reset it every time, but overall it was really fun to build with my mom.


In March, there were many fun things to do. One thing that we did was Rube Goldberg. Rube Goldberg was very interesting to watch. There were many types of machines. One machine was making a game dice roll. There were many interesting things in March.


My favorite part of our Rube Goldberg projects is when in my project the dry ice released smoke and how it was pouring out of the box like a waterfall. I really liked that we got to see other people's projects like how someone did a pulley system to get their shoes up stairs. So many people did projects I would never think of!