Be Kind To Animals Week


How You Can Help Animals!

Have you ever looked out of your lovely air-conditioned office window at the beautiful blue sky and thought about your poor pets suffering in the scorching hot weather? Well now's your chance to do something about it! Before you go to work you could wash down your deck or concrete so it's nice and cool. Walk your dogs first thing in the morning or late at night, when it is cooler or even take them inside for a bit! You can even hose down their bedding to keep them cool. Make sure their water is full of fresh ice water out of the fridge with a few nice ice cubes thrown in for good measure! Make sure you keep on top of their grooming so that they don't have any excess hair and give them a wash every month to keep them clean and flea free! If they like swimming, take them to a dog beach or a river front where they are allowed to swim. There's so much that you can do to be kind to them....they are a huge part of the family and deserve the same luxurious lifestyle that you get!
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