5th Grade Newsletter

for the week of December 7th-December 11th

What to Expect Next Week!

Reading- Students will analyze how various forms of media present a message, and analyze the techniques used in media, in order to create schema. Students will also discover different levels of formality and informality of various digital media, in order to create schema.

Math- Students will solve problems by calculating conversions within a measurement system, customary or metric

Science- Students will Students will be finishing their Sedimentary Rock brochure. We will also be digging into fossils and how they help us learn about our past.

Writing- Students will identify the purpose and features of a persuasive text, and will begin drafting a persuasive essay.

Social Studies- Students will determine how the expedition of Lewis and Clark impacted the westward expansion of the United States.

Spelling- Latin suffix: -ence (action, state of, quality of). The remaining words will follow the spelling rule: vowel change – long to schwa

Save the Date!

12/7- Mrs. Griffin's Birthday

12/11- NO JKC Live

12/15- Winter Concert- put on by Scoggins Middle School

12/18- Winter sing along 1:00- 1:45

12/18- Class Holiday Parties 1:45- 2:45

12/18- Mrs. Hazlewood's Birthday

12/19- Ms Walker's Birthday

12/21- 1/1- Winter Break

Wish List :)

Thank you to those that have helped us with our supplies. Our classes are in need of pencils, and any help with this is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you, thank you!! :)


We would love if you could join us at JKC to see your kiddo shine on stage! We appreciate all their hard work and leadership. :)

Griffin- Alex Bui

Hazlewood- Aaron Arnold

Mitchell- Jake Simpson

Murphy- Skyli Harvey-Evans

Walker- Cassidy Racek

Pine Cove Pictures!

If you took pictures while at Pine Cove, please email them to your child’s teacher. These will be used in the yearbook!