Boston Jane

Jennifer L. Holm

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Why did people from the east move to the west?

In the mid-nineteenth century people from the east moved west. They had heard a lot about the west. They were willing to give up their life in the east and move west. There were a lot of reasons why people wanted to move west.They wanted to move because they wanted to try something new and some of them were trying to escape the law, there was a lot of open space, and gold.
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During the westward expansion people moved west because there were more opportunities. The jobs were a lot better in the west. Some people also moved because they wanted to escape poverty. They hoped that moving west would help them.

A Fresh Start

A lot of people moved because they wanted to try something new. They were looking for adventure and were excited to see what they would find in the west. Alot of them also moved because the job opportunities were a lot better in the west


This relates to the book because Jane moved west because she wanted a new start. She wanted to meet new people during the trip and have a fresh start. She had already been through a lot and just wanted to forget about everything. She hoped that the life she would have in the west would be better than the one she had in the east.
Westward Expansion - The Settlers