Web 2o

Kellie Roth

Web 2o

These are some of the awesome websites that we used and learned to use throughout the year!


Smore is a website that allows you to make virtual fliers that can be shared by email, iPhones, iPods, etc. Smores are very fun to make and in fact you are looking at one right now! When you create a Smore you can choose from many different backgrounds, colors, and fonts. You can also choose how you want your text to be displayed. Do you want it plain or with a picture? Do you want the picture on the right or left? Smores are really fun to make and are easy to!
A Cupcake Story


Fotobabble is great for reports! On fotobabble you take a picture and then record a report, story, etc. This is really fun to do with reports and is easy to!


Symbaloo is an online visual bookmarking site. You can make a webmix that includes sites that you visit a lot. You can even set it as your home-screen so all you have to do is click on that website bookmark. Webmixes are very easy to create and add to too! You can even color code!


Wordle is a website where you make word clouds. These are very fun and easy to make! You type in the words you want your cloud to be made up of, click create, and then you can choose wich way you want your text to go and what colors too! Remember, the more times you type the word, the bigger it will be. I love doing word clouds and hang them up in my room

Big Huge Labs

Big huge Labs is a website where you can make flyers and posters with different templates. All you do is choose a template, add a picture, and then add some text. Some templates let you add more text than others do. These are really fun to make and are very eye catching to.


Prezi is a web-based presentation application that uses a single canvas instead of slides. Text, images, videos, and other presentation objects are placed on the infinite canvas and grouped together in frames. You can choose a background color, text color, where the text is placed, and so much more! Prezis are really cool and different compared to your normal keynote.


Blabberize is super fun and funny! On blabberize you take a picture of something with a mouth, trace its mouth, and then when you talk into the mic it will move the mouth! Blabberize is a really fun site to mess around on!