Pizza Hut History

How Pizza Hut started and Pizza Huts sucsess


How Pizza Hut Started

Pizza Hut started in Wichita,Kansas. There mum gave them a 600$$$ loan, Dan and Frank Carney opened up the first Pizza Hut at Wichita University. Dan and Frank Carney's pizza was so good it moved to the UK. Out of 700 delivery outlets in Islington, London Pizza Hut is the best in town. They also Brought Pizza Hut to Coasta Rica.

Pizza Hut's Success

Pizza Hut invented stuffed crust and cheesy bites. There are at least 10,000 Pizza Hut's around the world. Pizza Hut created the first ever online ordering site, it was PizzaNet, so that mean's they were ahead of other pizza places. Pepsi co bought Pizza Hut for 300,000,000.
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