Slaves and Indentured Servants

By: Rylee Reichard


Slaves and Indentured Srevant played an important role in Colonial times. For example, slaves would work from sun up to sun down everyday. Also, indentured servants would sign a contract that said they would work for their master for 4-7 years trying to get a job. And lastly a save quarter is where all the slaves slept. Without slaves and indentured servants colonial times would not be the same.


Hard workers are known as slaves because they where one of the hardest workers in colonial times. For example, slaves raised live stock, farmed land and the marjorty of the time cleaned the house. Slaves where forced to work from sun up to sun down. To make matters worse slaves did not even get paid for all the work that they did! Slaves were treated really poorly. African slaves had been sold into slavery and brought to America since the earlist settlement. Slaves could also be traded to anyone for anything. The worst thing about slavery is you can get split up from your family. Husbands and wives would get split apart, and the worst thing is the kids would get split up from thier parents. I don't understand how people did this to slaves.

Indentured Servant

What are indentured servants? An indentured servant are people who signed a contract to work from 4-7 years to try to find a job. The contract they signed was called a Indenture. Also, indentured servants didn't get paid either. Indentured servants " payment" was food, clothing and shelter. This is why indentured servants didn't have a lot of money. Most indentured servants were young men between the ages of 15-25 looking for a job. Some indentured servants where apprenticed to craft men. Also, when you become a indentured servant your master would pay your way to the new world. That is what an indentured servant is.

Slave Quater

Where did the slaves sleep? In a slave quarter of corse. A slave quater is where a slave slept. They only slept in it because it was to small. This building was usually in the back of the plantation because most people didn't like the idia of slaves. A slaves quarter had dirt floors and was not heated. If you wanted heat you had to go and find your own fire wood. But they try to keep slave quarters as comfortable as possible. Also slave quaters did look nice because the where built like log cabins. Where would you rather sleep in a slave quater or your bedroom?


As you can see, slaves and indentured servants had a very rough and important rule in colonial times. One example, slaves got split up form thier family. Also, indentured servants had to work for 4-7 years. Lastly, slaves had to live in a small slave quater. I hope you can see now that slaves and indentured servants are very important in colonial times.


* Payment- the act of giving money for something: the act of getting paid.

* Plantation- a large area of land especially in a hot part of the world where crops are grown.

* Marjorty- a number that is grater than half of a total.



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