How to Manage & Protect

Your Digital Identity

What is a digital identity?

Formally, a digital identity is an online identity claimed by a person or organization.

Pieces of your digital identity include:


~Date of birth, address, phone number

~Social security number

~Search history/buying history

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Tips for Protecting Your Teens and Helping Them Protect Themselves

~Don't give personal information on an unsecured website

~Don't click on random ads or websites you're unfamiliar with

~Put passwords on all of your devices

~Don't accept requests from unknown people

~Never include your address, birthdate, phone number, or social security number

~Teach your teens to ASK you for help if they are unsure about ANYTHING

~Promote a culture where you communicated with your teens so they are open about their habits

Take Away

Name a few ways that you will work with your teen to make sure that they practice safe surfing!

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