Pike Road Schools

Mrs. Cobb's Kindergarten Community

A Few of Our Centers

The Light Table

Children working on light tables have been shown to maintain their focus on a task for an increased amount of time. The objects come alive in a way that invites imagination, creativity, and experimentation with materials. The surface is great for the exploration of color mixing, geometric shapes, natural materials, and even dramatic play! When children work together on the light table they increase their language and social skills.

The Sensory Table

When children work in a sensory table, they are using their emerging scientific reasoning skills. They are problem solving while manipulating the materials into different forms. This tactile play helps fine motor control through working the small muscles to shape, scoop, smash, and dig. Children also use their negotiation skills while sharing the space with other children.

The Message Center

One of the children’s favorite areas of the classroom is the Message Center. The Message Center consists of a variety of arts and craft materials, including brightly colored paper, craft scissors with different edges, glue sticks, foam stickers, markers, colored pencils, stencils, and collage materials. I am encouraging the children to use the materials freely and work intentionally to create a special message for a friend or family member. This work engages their fine motor skills as well as increasing their interest in spelling words that are meaningful to them. We will continue to add high frequency sight words to our word wall - located next to our message center - to encourage more writing.

Reading Wreath

Inside our classroom door you will notice a metal wreath frame. Every day we will count the number of books that we read together as a class and add a beautiful ribbon to the wreath to represent each book. Watch us fill up our reading wreath this year as we explore a variety of wonderful books!

Warm Fuzzies

In our classroom we are working on becoming a community of learners who encourage and support one another. As part of this process, we will be using "warm fuzzies" (puffy balls) to fill up a glass jar. When a child lends a helping hand, gives a kind word, helps to make a friend's day better, I will ask them to add a warm fuzzy to our class jar. I asked the children what we should do when we fill the entire jar. They decided that we would celebrate with a piñata!

Pike Road Schools

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