Fax-Celebrating 53 years of James

Panthers... Avilla Panthers-Sept 18, 2015

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We never get done, we just stay tired...


Sept 21-Collaboration--Grade Level please--Notes to Brian

Sept 24--Progress Reports are issued

Sept. 24-Hosting Reading Workshop--Guests will be here

Sept. 25-Grandparents Day

Sept 28--NWEA Registration MUST be completed--See 00Dave if you need help

Sept. 29-Hosting Reading Workshop--Guesst will be here

Sept. 30-Hosting Reading Workshop--Guests will be here

October 2-In-Service at ENHS

October 5-9-Fall Break

Oct. 13--Parent Tech Night-6:30-8:00

Oct 14-K-4 I-pads go Home--Picture Retakes

October 15--Standards Based Grading PD

October 29--Parent Teacher Conferences--3:30-7:30

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The name is Panthers.... Avilla Panthers

They call us Avilla Panthers.... but what set's us apart and makes us different? Here are some things that come to mind:

  • Live and Let Learn
  • We shake things up... not stir them up
  • "Shocking, Positively Shocking"
  • "My dear friends, there are some things that just aren't done. Such as drinking Dom Perignon '53 above the temperature of 38 degrees. That's just as bad as no food on Payday Friday...
  • We are centered on OUR kids
  • We have a sharp and focused vision on success for all, inclusive of staff, parents, and most importantly, students
  • Avilla Memories are Forever
  • Collaboration is THE way we work.
  • " Why Mrs. Flowers, what happened to Miss Moneypenny?"
  • ISTEP Security... For Your Eyes Only...
  • The most important letter in the alphabet is "Q"

Coach Deaneen

Retelling----We have had many teachers ask about what to do when a student is retelling fiction but the story has no problem or solution, so I am sending this out to everyone. Becca send Kari and me this information.

In this case, listen for the child to tell the important details in the story. The information that is not available in the story should not negatively impact a retell score. You may use the important details to help you obtain a score in this area. Becca advises that teachers may also use the highest score in these areas where the information is not available.

Stay Safe--From 00 Andy

-Great job on Wednesday’s fire drill- Over 400 students out of the building and accounted for in 3 minutes!

-Please look over the school map that is in your mailbox. Note where some fire pull alarms, fire extinguishers and the defibrillator are located in the building.

-Fire Drill Scenario: Your normal teacher with a radio is not at your location because their exit is blocked. What do you do?

-Do your students know what to do if they are in the hallway alone when the fire alarm is pulled?

-Please make sure that substitute teachers that are in your classroom know what the thumbs are for and what our fire drill procedures are.

Don't touch any buttons if you are riding in a car driven by James Bond...