Mrs. Barthuly's Class News

February 8, 2016

Classroom Happenings

Hi All-- As Valentine's day is approaching I am attaching a class list for your child to use when filling out Valentine cards. Please remember your child is not required to bring in Valentines for their classmates but if they choose to they will need to bring one for each student in the class! Thanks so much!

Mrs. Barthuly's Class List

I also wanted to share some information about a volunteer opportunity for all PRE Panthers. Mrs. Treinen included it in the Panther Press but I wanted to make sure that you had the info here as well. Read Below!

Community Service

In previous years, Promise Road Panthers have volunteered service hours in our community. As we talk with parents and students, they want to continue this program to challenge every PRE Panther to complete at least 1 hour of community service. We will be providing options for you but you can also arrange this on your own! We have had a few families playing games at nursing homes and students helping at the Turkey Trot. Please be on the look out for opportunities that are arranged by PRE. (They will be posted in the Panther Press) As service hours are completed, please have your student complete the attached form (see attachment to newsletter), signed by a supervising adult and turn it in to their teacher. Multiple forms can be turned in this semester. You can also count any hours that have already been completed this school year. Remember- these are not chores you do at home- these are opportunities to reach out and help others!

Here is the link to the form to turn in when Service hours are complete

Service Hour Sheet

Service Opportunity for your child

Kids Making Cards for Kids


I wanted to check in with you all in regards to math fact practice. Students are still required to be practicing math facts each night Mon, Tues, Weds, and Thurs in preparation for their timed test on Friday. I had several students that did not complete this part of their homework this past week. Even if the students do not have a nightly assignment on Canvas they are to ALWAYS practice math facts. The app they use is Timed Test Arcade. This app keeps track of their practice and then they are able to show me their practice sessions each Friday before the timed test. Please help me to keep the kiddos on track with this!


Our new class reward is a lunch time Pizza Party. There is also a bonus incentive if the students achieve their goal of 100 points within 12 days: ICECREAM!! We are one day into the challenge! Unfortunately the students did not beat me with behavior points on Friday. So they still have 11 days to accomplish their BONUS prize. Although we will be having a pizza party whenever they reach their 100 point goal. I will keep you posted of their progress!!


I introduced GENIUS HOUR to the class this past week! Genius Hour will be a time where the students will get to pick the topic they would like to learn about. If you check out your child's Canvas page you can find out more about what this will look like. There is a Genius Hour button on your child's language arts page! We are in the very early stages of researching things the students wonder about. At the end of this week they will be responsible for turning in their intended topic. As we move through this process I will update you all :) If you would like to know more about Genius Hour in general you can click on the following link to


Big image

Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind


Monday-Feb. 8-

  • Specials: Technology
  • Homework: Reading log, Math Study guide, Math fact practice
  • Nature Club @3:30

Tuesday- Feb. 9

  • Specials: Art
  • Homework: Reading Log, Math study guide, Fact Practice
  • Fitness club @3:30
  • PRE Science Fair

Wednesday- Feb. 10

  • Specials: Music
  • Homework : Reading Log, Study for Math test, Fact Practice
  • Dance Club @7:45 am
  • Activity Picture day

Thursday- Feb.11

  • Jump Rope For Heart Celebration!
  • Dance Club @7:45
  • Specials: P.E.-- DON'T FORGET SHOES
  • Homework: Reading log, Fact Practice
  • Fitness Club @3:30

Friday-Feb. 12

  • Homework: Reading log
  • Valentines Party @2:30