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Rice University

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A Brief History On Rice

On May 18, 1891, Massachusetts-born businessman William Marsh Rice chartered the William Marsh Rice Institute for the Advancement of Literature, Science, and Art as a gift to the city of Houston, where he made his fortune.

On September 23, 1900 Rice died and later it was revealed as murder by Charlie Jones with poison.

The Rice Institute opened on September 23, 1912, the anniversary of Mr. Rice's murder, with 77 students and a dozen faculty. An international academic festival celebrated the opening three weeks later, a spectacular event that brought Rice to the attention of the entire scholarly world. Four years later, at the initial commencement, 35 bachelor's degrees and one master's degree were awarded, with the first doctorate conferred in 1918.

More Information On Rice

Rice is a public school located in Houston, TX. Rice is co-ed, and is willing to accept any religion. They get about 3,484 enrollments each year. Faculties include libraries, art school, and many more.

How To Get In

First, you have a $75 application fee. You can send early applications, and international ones. If you want to get in for a music / arts degree you have to send them a sample of your talent. Last, you will take interviews, and a sample test.

Deadlines are all near the end of this year such as Nov. 1, Dec. 1, and Jan.1.

Also some listed thing are social security, date of birth, full legal name/ other preference, where you were born, ethnicity, military relationship, permanent mail address, languages you can speak, guardian education background, income, family size / obligation, institution number, high school graduate, teacher certification, senior year schedule, college enrollment, course work, and date for SAT & ACT.


Rice offers over 60 majors starting from arts to air force. You can study aboard, and they also offer honor programs. They also have an in-campus, and off-campus internship. You can take the masters class in liberal arts, and students may take double-major courses.

The period of probation extends to the end of the next semester in which the student is enrolled. Students on probation (academic or other disciplinary matters) may not be candidates for, or hold, any elected or appointed office, nor are they allowed to enroll in more than 17 semester hours.

Near Rice

Shopping opportunities abound in Houston. Rice Village is a lively neighborhood shopping district adjacent to the campus. One of Houston’s first shopping areas, the village offers more than 400 stores and restaurants. From familiar names to funky mom-and-pop shops, the village is a place where students can browse through unique import stores, buy a pair of jeans or the latest CD, or linger over a latté at an outdoor cafe. The Village is within walking distance of campus, and a shuttle-bus service is also offered from the university.

They also have malls, an outdoor theater, and many grocery shops. (Target, Walmart, Kroger)

Finacial Aid and Scholarships

Much like Rice's admission process, the Office of Financial Aid uses a holistic evaluation to assess a family's finances. The Office of Financial Aid reviews every student’s aid application carefully to ensure we understand each family’s unique circumstances. You can apply for financial aid anytime. They have FAFSA, CCR profile, and more.

Rice offers many scholarships. The deadlines are all different for each type of scholarship but, most them are November - Febuary.


I want to major in buissness. They have workshops, podcasts, and social networking programs you can go to. Also, there is community service you can attend to during your breaks.


Rice has dorms that you can customize to your liking. You may choose the dorm number you desire so you can be with your friend.


There are 14 dining rooms available. They have fast food meals as well, and you may make your own sack lunch there if you wanted something to eat after class right away. Some things they offer is pasta, tacos, chicken, and many more. 85 meals is $616.

My Major- Buissness

The 4 classes I have to take are buissness communication, financial accounting, strategy 1, and leading in organizations.