Hans Frank

By Reese LeBarge

His Crime

He held a position of leadership In the NSDAP and the German Goverment.

Frank held the following positions in the NSDAP and the German government:

  • Member of NSDAP 1928-1945
  • Member of the Reichstag 1930-1945
  • Reich Minister without protfolio 1934-1945
  • President, international Chamber of Law 1941 and 1942
  • Also was author editor of some German magazines and books

Frank promoted the Seizure of Power by the Nazi Conspirations.

Through use of his office as Governer General, Frank was involved with many war crimes.

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Death sentence

He was put on trial and he got the death sentence and was hung

Did his sentence fit the crime?

I think the sentence Hans got was completely necessary in what he did to all the Jews. He deserved to be put on that certain sentence