Board of Directors Monthly Report

February 2016

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Board of Directors

Patricia Kreis Chair, Ken Willis Vice Chair, Bob Schouten, Treasure, J.J. Jones, Secretary of Board, Ed Askew, Dale Searcy, Rich Prall, Doug Swayngim, Diane Williams, President CEO

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Contact the Board

A form has been created for members to reach out to the Board of Directors for questions, concerns, compliments, and suggestions. The form is located in the password protected member’s area of the website. If you do not have Internet access, you may send your comments via mail to the corporate office, located at: 411 West, 7200 South, Suite 300, Midvale, UT 84047.

This form is not to be used for your regular customer service related questions, such as: account status, reservations, policy guide questions, volunteering in the office, etc. Those inquiries still need to be directed to the corporate office (contact info located at the bottom of this report).

All communications received will be reviewed and responded to as soon as possible. Help us to help you.
Members' Area

The password to the Members' Area is: outdoors

Executive Summary

During the first three months as the newly elected Board of Directors, the board met 8 times between the board sessions and executive sessions. The total hours of meetings for these months were 37 hours by each of the board members. The board is a volunteer board except the President and receives no compensation from Retrailia RV Resorts (formerly Camperworld, Inc.) for time or expenses

From the first action of the new Board, selecting officers, it is evident that all the Board shares the same common objective of making Retrailia RV Resorts survive and prosper. Each board member is committed to representing the members, to the best of their ability, while leaving all personal agendas at the door. The Board Chair and Vice Chair positions were selected by the members based on the number of votes cast for each candidate in the election.

Each Board member brings a unique skill set and experience, both from their association with Retrailia RV Resorts and their real world experience in business. Following is a list of some of the experiences brought to the group. Rich brings management of larger organizations ($30 million , 100 sites over 700 staff) and construction management experience to the board; JJ bring over 30 years of experience in association operations, Robert rules of order and leadership; Doug brings 40+ years experience as a city park supervisor responsible for all ground/building maintenance and budgets for all Ogden City parks and cemeteries; Ed brings over 20 years of technical experience in computers as a software engineer along with managing projects valued over $100 million; Pat brings experience as an in-house council for a Fortune 500 company and a senior attorney with a law firm advising small businesses; Bob brings 45 years as a CPA in public accounting, auditing, and tax preparation; Ken brings 37 years of business experience which includes banking, wholesale and retail sales industry and overall operations of a government funded facility; Dale brings 40 years of public service as a foreman for the water department and the waste water department of Roy City; and Diane brings turnaround management of larger organizations, operations management and CFO experience.

This Report’s intention is to give a general overview of the Board activities and decisions reached by a consensus of the quorum of the Board in attendance or by Proxy. The official record and detail of each Board meeting is recorded and posted on the Retrailia RV Resorts’ website, in the members section. These are the only official record of the meetings. The descriptions of the outcome of the votes are a summary of the majority vote of the board and dissenting votes are recorded in the approved minutes. Not all decisions or votes are included in this report.

The Board has been very involved in several issues that are carry over issues from the interim Board ranging from renaming or developing a DBA, rebranding Camperworld, Inc., and providing direction for sales and management.

In conclusion, the board and management have very full agendas. To quote Jerry Reed from the “Smokey and The Bandit” movie:

“We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there”

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Upcoming Changes

Membership Sales & Conversions

This is a member-focused organization. The success of the organization depends in part on the revenue from the sales of new memberships along with the dues that each member pays. We need your support for Retrailia RV Resorts so we can go camping in 2016 and enjoy all of our parks.

We need help from all members with the promotion of their camping organization and the recruitment of new members. The board and administration is committed to doing everything possible to put forward the best camping experience for all members. Every one of us found value in Retrailia RV Resorts when we bought our memberships and we still can see the value. There is no other membership campground organization in our state that owns six parks.

Action steps member needs to take to support the sales of new memberships:

  1. We need you to share testimonials of your camping memories so our sale staff can share those experiences with potential new members.
  2. Please share your positive experiences online.
  3. Tell your friends, family members and neighbors about the new Retrailia RV Resorts. Let them know that the members now have a voice in turning the direction of Retrailia RV Resorts around.
  4. Attend the RV show happening February 18-21st at the South Towne Expo Center. Stop by the booth and support Retrailia RV Resorts.
  5. If you have not completed your membership conversion, contact the office and get back as a Retrailia RV Resorts member!
  6. Help the sales team sell the dream by turning in referrals. Any referral that converts to a new membership will give you a $50 credit to be used towards next year’s dues.

We need you!

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Cash Flow

In mid-December, we received $100,000 in outstanding receivable payments from dues invoiced to members. Please if you have any outstanding invoices, we encourage you to continue making your payment(s) as scheduled. This is critical for us to maintain operation and not incur any additional debt for operations.

Many of you had the opportunity over the holidays to watch the timeless classic “The Polar Express”. Two points from that great movie:


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Significant Decisions (not in any specific order)

Family Benefit Membership (FBM)

The board and management realized that many members valued and in some cases bought into Retrailia RV Resorts for the added benefits extended to the family of members. This original authorized user benefit was a very costly program and did not help the longevity and financial long-term viability of the organization. The new Family Benefit Membership is a bridge program that will help members transition from the previous benefits to what can be offered today and going forward. The Board is committed to review the program annually as our membership ranks grow this program will have to change. Keeping in mind that new memberships and full paying members are the lifeblood of the organization.


Now that the re-branding is in process the membership needs to understand how difficult this decision was. The first time the voted in board reviewed the proposal it was actually voted down. A second presentation with additional information was brought by the sales department and management. This presentation showed the urgency and necessity for a re-brand of Camperworld. With the re-brand the new organization could leave behind the negative impressions and put itself on a new path to success.

There is no illusion that the past of Camperworld is still fresh in the minds and hearts of the membership. Only through the actions and not words of the board and management can we show the change from the past behaviors and the creation of a new member focused organization.

Welcome to “Retrailia RV Resorts”.

Administrative Spending Limits

Due to the critical need to manage the financial picture (and cover the high legal fees which were incurred during the bankruptcy), the Board is actively involved in decision making at the operational level. It is not the Board’s intent to micro manage the management team, but to be engaged and have ownership in the financial aspects of the organization. As the financial health continues to improve, the Board will continue to control the administrative spending with implementation of limits for park improvements and other expenses that are necessary.

Legal Fees from Bankruptcy Proceeding

Coming out of the bankruptcy, we still have legal costs and obligations that were incurred; we will continue to pay off these obligations so that in the future our dues will be expended on park and infrastructure improvements. Without these expenses we would have not gotten through the bankruptcy and not had the opportunity for a new member focused organization. This is a bitter pill to swallow but we can and will overcome these one-time cost with your continued support.

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Report on Membership

Current Members: 2,663

This number represents total membership and includes members that have not finalized their replacement contract and/or have an outstanding balance for dues owed to Retrailia.

At this time, there is a balance of over $500,000 owed to Retrailia for 2016 annual dues. It is imperative that these members reach out to the office and pay their fees. We are a dues based organization and it is imperative for the survival of the company that all fees are paid timely.

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Financial Status

As required in the Bylaws financial information will be available by the end of the month after the close of each quarter. The financial information and reports will be available in the office for any to review.